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Last updated on September 8th, 2019 at 06:06 am

Find Amazon Quiz answers Today . Get answers of all questions to Win the Prize –   Amazon Daily Quiz contest will start at 8. A.M (IST) and closes at 12.P.M (IST).

Amazon is giving FREE exciting prize to Amazon Quiz winner daily. So you can try your luck to win the Price by answering the questions between 8. A.M and 12 P.M daily.

Every day there will be different quiz contests. Amazon quiz Winners will be declared in the end of every month.

Amazon India daily arranging Quiz for its customers. But it is APP Only. So to participate in the Amazon daily Quiz, you have to download the Amazon APP from Google Play Store or APP Store and Login to your Amazon account.

 How to Play Amazon Quiz Time Daily

Follow below Steps:

  • Download the Amazon App from Google Play Store, if you have not installed the APP, as this Quiz is APP only.
  • Open the Amazon APP and Login to your Amazon Account. If you have no Amazon account, then create an Amazon account first to join the Quiz.
  • In the Amazon Home screen, you can see a banner ‘Quiz Time Daily 8AM – 12 PM’ or ‘QuizTime ends at 12PM: Play Now | Answer & win daily‘. tap on it. If you cannot find the banner, scroll down to see it. (Note: Amazon Quiz banner will be shown between 8AM – 12 PM)
  • Now click on the ‘Play Now’ button to join the Quiz.
  • You can now see Amazon Quiz questions with 4 options. Tap on the correct answer to get the next question.

After answering correct answers of all 5 Questions, you can see below banner in the Amazon App.

Amazon-daily-quiz-answers today

Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers (Amazon Quiz Answers of 6 September)

You can find the 6 September 2019 amazon quiz answers on YouTube (Watch the Video).


 6 September 2019 Amazon Quiz Answers

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1: Saif Ali Khan and Tabu are reuniting on the big screen for a new film, 20 years after their 1999 film Hum Saath-Saath Hain. What is their new movie called?

Answer: Jawaani Jaaneman

2: The song ‘Hotel California’ is a beloved classic. Which is the band that originally sang this song?

Answer: The Eagles

3: Kyle Giersdorf, a 16 year old, goes by the gamer name of ‘Bugha’. He recently won 3 million dollars for winning a World Cup tournament for a game this year. Which game was it?

Answer: Fortnite

4: What is the capital of Finland?

Answer: Helsinki

5: Human lungs are not of the same size. The left lung is smaller that the right lung. True or false?

Answer: True


Amazon Daily Quiz Answers – 5 September 2019 (Win Oppo F11 Pro)

1. In the movie ‘The Lion King’, what is Simba’s mother’s name?

Answer – Sarabi

2. Kabadi is the national sport of Bangladesh. True or false?

Answer- True

3. Each year, 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India. Which year was the first ’Teacher’s day’ celebrated?

Answer- 1962

4. Each of the below personalities has been a teacher in their lifetime. Which one of these also served as President of India?

Answer- Rajendra Prasad

5. Teacher’s day is celebrated on the birthday of India’s great teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. In which subject did Dr. Radhakrishnan do his Post graduation?

Answer- Philosophy


Amazon Daily Quiz Answers – 4 September 2019 (Win Oppo F11 Pro)

1. What is the capital of Finland?

Answer- Helsinki

2. In 1995, UNESCO named Easter Island (a remote volcanic island in Polynesia) as a World Heritage Site. What is this place known for?

Answer- Stone head statues

3. Which of the following writers was NOT born in India?

Answer- Jhumpa Lahiri

4. A teenager recently broke Michael Phelps’ record in the 200m butterfly stroke. Who was it?

Answer- Kristof Milak

5. Which nation was the first to give women the right to vote?

Answer- New Zealand



Amazon Daily Quiz Answers – 3 September 2019 (Win Blaupunkt Party Speakers)

1 – Which is the largest country in the world in terms of land area?
Answer – Russia

2 – What is the currency of China called?
Answer – Yuan

3 – Velcro has been making life easier since its invention. Do you know where was velcro invented?
Answer – Switzerland

4 – ‘281 and Beyond’ is the autobiography of a veteran Indian cricketer. Who is the author of this book?
Answer – VVS Laxman

5 – A ‘Torero’ is a term associated with which of these?
Answer – Bull-fighting


Amazon Daily Quiz Answers – 2nd September 2019 (Rs.1000 Amazon Pay Balance)

1) The ____ is a horseshoe shaped zone found along the Pacific rim where around 90% of the world’s earthquakes occur?

AnswerThe Ring of Fire

2) Who is the author of the book, ‘My Seditious Heart’ which is a collection of non-fiction essays? Hint – The author is a winner of the Man Booker Prize for Fiction.

AnswerArundhati Roy

3) A doctor of Indian-origin was recently crowned Miss England 2019. Who is she?

AnswerBhasha Mukherjee

4) Switzerland celebrates May 26th as Science day to mark the day of APJ Abdul Kalam’s visit in 2006. True or false?


5) The State Bank of India was previously known as __

Answer Imperial Bank of India



Amazon Quiz Answers of 1st September 

1) The tiger population in India has grown from 1,400 in 2006 to 2,977 in 2019. Which state has recorded the highest number of tigers in the country?

Answer – Madhya Pradesh

2) The iconic Bollywood film, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ has completed 25 years since its making. Who directed this film?

Answer – Sooraj Barjatya

3) Which famous painter is known for his artwork called ‘Starry Night’? Hint – he is the same artist who cut off his own ear.

Answer – Vincent van Gogh

4) LEDs are small light sources commonly used in electronic devices, flashlights, lightbulbs etc. What does LED stand for?

Answer – Light Emitting Diode

5) Who won the 2019 F1 German Grand Prix?

Answer – Max Verstappen

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