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Home Tester Club is The World’s Biggest Grocery-Product Testing, Reviewing & Sharing Community, where you can signup and get FREE products for testing.

It is an online community of shoppers for sharing uncensored ratings and reviews on the products.

Click here to Signup Home Tester Club Now:

Being a part of the Home Tester Club means that you are among a select group of testers in India who will get the opportunity to review products and share your thoughts with a much larger network.

There are many companies want to test their products and get some honest review about their products.

Home Tester Club helps those companies by sending their products to selected users matching their criteria and collecting Feedback and surveys from those customers via their Website.

How Home Tester Club Works

Home Tester Club often have different products available to send to members to try at home for FREE. In return they simply ask they return to the website after the trial period to complete a survey.

There is no cost incurred to the member.

Not everyone who registers will be selected to test a product. The selection process is automated. The products will go to the family’s best suited to review them, which makes perfect sense.

How to Join Home Tester Club :

Step 1 : Click here to Go to the Free Registration Page

Step 2 : Fill your REGISTRATION Form (Enter your First Name, Email, Mobile Number and click on ‘Sign-Up Now’)

Now you will get an OTP in your given Mobile Number. You need to enter the OTP in the next page to complete the registration.

You can also login via Your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus Account.

Targeted Cities in India : Meerut, Mumbai, Mangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Patna, Vizag/ vishakhapattanam, Bhopal, Chennai, Ludhiana, Faridabad, Bhuvaneshvar, Guwahat, Chandigarh, New delhi, Panji, Ranchi, Enrnakulam, Kolkata, Kanpur, thane, Bangalore, Surat, jodhpur, secunderabad, Vijayawada, Allahbad, Coimbatore, Amritsar, Gurgaon, cCuttak, Lucknow,Vashi, Belgaum, Vadodara, Noida, Nagour, Hyderabad, Rohtak, Salem, Sagar, Karnal, Ghaziabad, Pune, Varanasi, Kolhapur, Indore, Jabalpur, Tiruvanntapuram, Kochi

Register today if you want to receive FREE Products and share your opinions with the public.

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