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Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 05:58 am

Akshaya Centres Idukki

Find the list of all Akshaya Centres in Idukki District with Centre Code, Contact Person Name with Phone Number, Email and Address.



Centre Name Mobile No Email Address
060001  Binish K. Paul 9946130373, 9747346895 [email protected] Excellent Computers, Padicup Road, Irumbupalam, Valara.P.O,Pin-685561
060002 Sr.Jancy Joseph 9446213313, 9946612565, 04864223063 [email protected] Akshaya e-centre, C/o Carmeljyothy Charitable society, Centre For Mentally Retaded Children, Machiplavu , Machiplavu P.O, Adimaly- 68556
060003  Unitech IT Unit9447826488 [email protected] Unitech IT Unit, Near National Library, Library Road, Chittethu Building, Adimali, Pin-685561
060004  Anil Kumar K.N.9946767770, 9496825651, 04865 265163 [email protected] Akshaya e centre, Kolathu Bldg, Pottankadu P.O, Pottankadu- 685569
060006  Alesha9447523812, 04868 262444 [email protected] Library Akshaya E-Centre Kambilikandam Public Library Kambilikandam
060007 Biju Joseph9446213324, 04868262829 [email protected], [email protected] Akahaya e Center, SARDK(Society for Agricultural and Rural Development in Kerala), Konnathady P.O, Konnathady- Idukki District. 685563
060010 Anachal [email protected] [email protected] 04865 265097, 9446610417 Akshaya E-Centre, Itec Computer Education, Vyaparabhavan Bldg, Kunjithanny.PO, Kunjithanny, Pin-685565
060011 Ambily Prasad9562986882 [email protected] Akshaya e Centre, Vellathooval Grama Panchayath Bldg,Vellathooval.PO-685563
060009 Ratheeshkumar C.S9447512218, 9447189869 [email protected] Akshaya Centre, Panchayat Office Building, Pallivasal, 2nd Mile, Pin – 685565
060012 Biju K K9446718188, 04864 223809 [email protected] Akshaya e-Centre, 1000 Acar 
060008 Bindhu D [email protected] 9497188207, 9447236929, 04868249542  Akahaya e Center,Chinnakanal P.O, Pin 685618
060030  Karthiga S9497188207, 9447236929, 04868249542 [email protected]  Akahaya e Center,Chinnakanal P.O, Pin 685618
060033 Kayalvizhi 9495526259,0486 5 242323 [email protected] Akshaya e center,Kuttiar division Mattupetty P.O-685616,
060034 Lakshmikanthan 9446864634, 04865264496 [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Erachippalam Jn, Devikulam, Idukki District- 685613
060035 Vijayan.PP9447850811 [email protected] Akshaya E-Centre, Sahayagiri.PO, Kovilkadavu Town, Kovilkadavu, Pin-685620
060037  ShibuV N9446129754 [email protected] Akshaya e Centre, MGP Computer Training Institute, Mankulam P.O., Idukki, Pin- 685565
060038  Padmavathy  S9745966092, 04865252101 [email protected] Akshaya e Centre, C/o Abacus Computers, Near Panchayath Office, Marayoor.PO, Marayoor- 685620
060039  Ganeswari K9497795115, 9446743841, 04865257494 [email protected] Akshaya e centre Luckom, Reg No:060039, H/No:244 , Ward No:5, vaguvarai Estate, Factory division,Thalayar PO – 685614
060042  Jeyalekshmi P9495568543, 04865230946 [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Nagarmudi Division, Lakshmi Estate, Munnar-685612
060040 Senthil Kumar9446743841 [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Kannimallai Estate, Lower Division-685512, Munnar.PO
060043 Bhagawathy M9497235426 [email protected] Akshaya E-Centre, Santhanpara.PO, Santhanpara
060044 Satheeshkumar D 9495256067, 9496431930 [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Pooppara
060032 Rajkumar D9496178743 ————- Akshaya E-centre, Yellappetty 
060041 Prema P9446864634, 04865264496 [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Munnar Panchayatu, Munnar
060096 Pradeepkumar V.J 9446225916, 04868 21850 [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Kambammettu P.O, Kambammettu,Koottar, Pin- 685551
060100 Prince George9496848330, 04868234038 [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, NedumkandamP.O, Manjappetty, Pin-685553
060103  Mohanan K.V04868242525 9446866879 9447574935 [email protected] ,[email protected] Akshaya E-centre, (Logic Computer Centre), Karthika Building, Rajakkadu P.O., Rajakkadu. Pin- 685566
060106  Lijo Joseph9446930671 [email protected],[email protected] Akshaya E-Centre, AIT Computers Cheeramkunnel Building, Kulaparachal P.O. Kulaparachal – 685569
060108 Aneesh Kumar.T.S04868245600 9495125619 [email protected],[email protected] Akshaya E-Centre, Senapathy.PO, Santhanpara via Senapathy, Idukki-685619
06011 Jaison T.J9446841448 9605660097 [email protected] Akshaya E-Center, Udumbanchola P.O. Udumbanchola 
060104 Ancy Jojan9847382384 [email protected] Akshaya E-Centre, Near Kallimali Devi Temple, Kallimaly Town, Mammattikanam P.O, Rajakad- 685566
060098 Lijo Joseph 9447723332 04868 -232132 [email protected] AKSHAYA e- CENTRE NEDUMKANDAM P.O NEDUMKANDAM EAST
060097 Sajeendran P.V9961134051, 0486822131 [email protected] Akshaya e centre, Panchayatu Shopping Complex, Koottar P. O, Koottar, Karunapuram.
060099 Rameshkrishnan P.R9846383183 ——- Akshaya E-Centre Kalppaka Building, Kallar P.O, Thookkupalam
060105 Valsamma Vinod 9495878957 [email protected] Akshaya E-Centre, Rajakumari
060101 Sithara Anil 9447330169 [email protected] Akshaya e-centre, Thekkeperoor Bldg. Balagram
060049 Gilgy John9995081125, 04862326719 [email protected], [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Edathotty Bldg, Kodikulam P.O, Kodikulam, Pin- 685582
060052  Haseena Salim [email protected] 9961741627, 04862252996 Akshaya E- Centre, Unnechuparambil(H), Kudayathoor P.O, Idukki District  Pin : 685 590
060057  JYOTHISH KUMAR.S.G 9447246273, 04862 247166 [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Vannappuram Town, Mundattu Bldg, Temple 
060058  Binitha Abraham9287274697 04862 247088, 246466 [email protected] Akshaya e-centre, Kaliyar P.O, Kaliyar, Near Kurisupalli, Pin- 685582
060046 Sulaiman9447876440 [email protected] Akshaya e Centre, Panchayathu Building, Alakkode P.O, Alakkode 
060047 Benny Joseph  [email protected] 9947252614 Akshaya E-Centre, Near Panchayathu Building, Karimannoor Town, Karimannoor.
060053 Thomas Sebastian9447575428 [email protected] Akshaya e Centre, Panchayath Shopping Complex, Udumbannoor.PO, Udumbannoor
060060 Manu K George 9947872475, 04862-275191 [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Pannimattom p. o, Pannimattom
060061 Johnly Jose 9496335390, 04862252727, 348232 [email protected] Akshaya e Kendram, Panchayath Shopping Complex, Moolamattom PO, Moolamattom
060062 Reeba K Ramakrishn 04862259776, 9961338227 [email protected] [email protected] Akshaya E-centre, Kulamavu P.O, Kulamavu, Pin-685601