6 Ways to Find Bandhan Bank CIF Number [Quick Guide]

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Last updated on October 1st, 2022 at 10:59 am

Find out What the CIF Number of the Bandhan Bank Is, as well as a Quick Guide to Finding the CIF Number of the Bandhan Bank.

Customer Information File is what is meant by the term CIF Number. Bandhan Bank CIF number is 11 digits unique number.
There is a CIF number assigned to every bank account holder, although the exact format of the number digits varies from bank to bank. Some banks only have nine digits in their CIF Numbers, whereas others have Ten.

This is one of the identifying numbers that the bank provides to their customers so that they can quickly identify their customers. This number contains all of the account information for the customer.

Is it safe to share CIF?

Yes, the most important function of a CIF number is to avoid confusion among other customers at a bank because it is used to specifically identify each individual customer.

The disclosure of one’s CIF number to any person representing the bank is completely risk-free.
since doing so will enable them to retrieve more information regarding your bank account and give you improved service as a result.

For the purpose of preventing fraudulent activities, information such as the one-time password (OTP), account number, debit card number, credit card number, CVV number, and card expiration date should be kept completely confidential.

How to Find Bandhan Bank CIF Number?

The CIF number for the Bandhan bank can be obtained in a few different techniques. You may quickly obtain your CIF number by selecting one of the following options.

  • Find the Bandhan Bank CIF number Using Passbook
  • Obtaining the CIF Number of Bandhan Bank from a Cheque Book
  • Get CIF Number using Bandhan Bank net banking
  • CIF Number From Bank Statement
  • Call Customer care to check the Bandhan Bank CIF number
  • Visit Home Branch

How to Find Bandhan Bank CIF Number using Passbook?

The first and most simple method is to look for your CIF number in your passbook.

Passbook holds all your bank details like account number, IFSC code, CIF number etc. Your CIF number is conveniently placed on the first page of each passbook, allowing you to locate it quickly and simply.

Find CIF Number of Bandhan Bank from a Cheque Book

Customers of Bandhan Bank are first provided with items such as cheque books, passbooks, debit and credit cards, and so on. On the first page of your chequebook, you’ll find the CIF number printed down for your reference.

Check Bandhan Bank CIF number through Net Banking

The Bandhan Bank is a well-known financial institution in Northern India. The quality of the bank’s service is largely responsible for their widespread popularity.
Internet banking and mobile banking are both options that are made available to Bandhan Bank customers.

Therefore, one approach to locate your CIF number is to use Bandhan Bank internet banking.

Follow the below steps:

  • Login the Net Banking Portal of Bandhan Bank using your User Name and Password. Use the Bandhan Bank Internet Login link here: https://bandhanbankonline.com/netbanking/
  • Check Bandhan Bank CIF number through Net banking
  • Now click on ‘Continue to Login’ and then Enter your User ID and Password.
  • After the successful Login, click on ‘My Accounts’
  • There you can find your Account Number, CIF Number etc.

Find Bandhan Bank CIF number on Account Statement

Your bank statement is the place to check for your CIF number.
After you have provided the Bandhan bank with your e-mail address and it has been verified, the bank will begin sending you online statements following each transaction.

You also have the option of subscribing to get the monthly statements. Therefore, you should not have any trouble locating either your CIF or your Customer number in the bank statement that was emailed to you in PDF format.

Check Bandhan Bank CIF number by calling Customer Care

You can obtain your CIF number by contacting the customer service department of Bandhan Bank.

Bandhan Bank customer care number is:18002588181

Remembering the proper account holder name, account number, registered mobile number, and any other relevant information is necessary before making the call.
After you have provided your personal information, the bank teller will then provide your CIF number.

Get Bandhan Bank CIF Number by visiting the branch

If none of the methods described above for finding your Bandhan Bank CIF number are successful for you, you can obtain your CIF number by going to a nearby Bandhan Bank branch with a valid form of identification and the details of your account.

After the verification, they will provide you the CIF number.

Bandhan Bank CIF number FAQs

  1. What is the CIF Number of Bandhan Bank?

    The CIF number at Bandhan Bank consists of 11 digits and is a one-of-a-kind identifier given to each customer with a bank account. The CIF number is a digital representation of the virtual number that is issued by the banking industry in order to identify information about the customers. Additionally, the Customer id number is provided to each and every customer by Bandhan Bank ltd. By using that number, they are able to quickly discover all of the customer’s personal information as well as account details.

  2. How to Get Bandhan Bank CIF number?

    There are a few various approaches one can take in order to acquire the CIF number for the Bandhan bank. Choosing one of the following choices will allow you to easily receive your CIF number.
    Locate the CIF number for Bandhan Bank using your Passbook.
    The CIF Number of Bandhan Bank Can Be Obtained From a Cheque Book
    Get CIF Number using Bandhan Bank net banking CIF Number From Bank Statement
    Bandhan Bank customers can check their CIF number by contacting customer service.
    Pay a Visit to the Home Office

  3. Is a CIF number the same as an account number?

    The CIF Number and the Account Number are not the same thing. The acronym “CIF number” refers for “Customer Information File,” which is a file that the bank uses to identify each individual customer.
    An account number is a unique identity for a Particular account (Eg: Savings or Current account. )
    A single customer at a bank may hold more than one account there, such as a savings account and a current account. On the other hand, a single customer will only ever have one CIF number.

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