How to Change SBI Mobile Number through Online and ATM [2024]

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Last updated on June 21st, 2024 at 12:30 am

How to change registered mobile number in SBI Bank Account

SBI Mobile Number Change Step-by-Step Guide. Learn How to Register and Change your SBI Registered Mobile Number, without visiting your Branch and Submitting the SBI Mobile Number Change request Form.

If you have not registered your Mobile Number with SBI, you can Register the Mobile Number in your SBI Account by visiting any SBI ATM or Home Branch.

But when you submit the SBI Mobile Number change request letter at the bank, it may take around 24 hours to process the request and update the Mobile Number.


You can change the Mobile Number immediately using  SBI Online Net Banking (Using SBI Net Banking Login).

Please note that Online SBI Mobile Number change can be done, only if you have registered a Mobile number with your SBI Account (For security reasons).

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 How to Change Mobile Number in SBI

Follow below steps to Change Mobile Number in SBI Account.

  1. Login OnlineSBI and Click on ‘My Accounts & Profile
  2. Click on ‘Profile‘ menu and then click ‘Personal Details / Mobile‘.
  3. Enter your SBI Profile Password and Click on the hyper link ‘Change Mobile Number-Domestic only (Through OTP/ATM/Contact Centre)’.
  4. Enter your new Mobile Number and Confirm the same. Then Click ‘Submit
  5. Approve the Mobile Number change request by using OTP /  ATM / Contact Centre

 How to Register Mobile Number in SBI Account


How to Register Mobile Number in SBI ATM?

  1. Visit any nearby ATM, swipe your SBI ATM card and select ‘Registration‘ option from the menu.
  2. Now enter your SBI ATM Pin Number then select ‘Mobile Number Registration‘ option.
  3. Enter the Mobile Number you want to register with the SBI Account. Verify your entered mobile number is correct and confirm the same by selecting ‘Correct‘ option.
  4. Re-enter the Mobile number and select the ‘Correct option‘.
  5. Now you can see a Message in the ATM Screen “Thank you for registering your mobile number with us“.
    You will get a Reference Number via SMS in your Mobile.
  6.  With in 3 days, you will get a call from the SBI Contact Centre. They will verify your Account details and register your Mobile number in the SBI account.
  7. You will receive a confirmation SMS in your registered Mobile number.

Very Important: When you get a call from the SBI Contact Centre, make sure that they have the correct Reference Number received via SMS in your Mobile, when you have registered the Mobile number in the SBI ATM.

There are many Fake/Fraud callers, they will ask your ATM card CVV Number and OTP sent to you. SBI will never send an OTP for the Mobile Number registration.

Never share any OTP received in your Mobile with anyone, even if they claim that they are from the Bank or SBI Contact Centre.

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If you have a registered Mobile number in your SBI Account, you can change it by using Onlinesbi (SBI Internet Banking Account).

 Steps to Change SBI registered Mobile Number Online

SBI Mobile Number Change Online, Watch the Step-By-Step Video:

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Follow below steps :

1. Step 1 : Login to Online SBI

Login Online SBI

2. Step 2: Click on the 'Profile' tab.

There you can see your personal details, Change Password Option, Manage Beneficiary etc .Click on ‘Personal Details’ (Check the screenshot below)

Change SBI Mobile number login profile

3. Step 3 : Now enter your SBI Profile Password and click on 'Submit' button.

There you can see your Name, Email address, Mobile Number etc

Enter SBI Profile password


4. Step 4 : Click on the link 'Change Mobile Number-Domestic Only (Through OTP/ATM/Contact Centre)'.

SBI Mobile Number update

5. Step 5 : Now you can see an option to 'Create New Request'.

Enter your New Mobile Number and Confirm the same by typing the Mobile number again. Then click on the ‘Submit‘ button. Please note that, once the Mobile number is changed, all OTP and other alerts will be in this new Mobile Number.

Change SBI Mobile number online

6. Step 6 : Now you will get a popup message to verify and confirm the Mobile No.

Click ‘OK’ to proceed. .

You can Approve the Mobile Number change by using any of the following Methods:

  1. Approval by OTP (One Time Password) on both the Old and New Mobile Number
  2. SBI Mobile Number change Approval through ATM
  3. Approval through Contact Centre

If you have both the Old and New Mobile Number, you can approve the SBI Mobile Number change by using the OTP. Otherwise Select ‘IRATA : Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM‘ and see the instructions below.

Change SBI Registered Mobile Number By OTP on both the Mobile Number

You will get an OTP in your Old and New Mobile Number.After verifying the OTP, the Request will be updated immediately. If a Valid OTP not received with in 4 hours, you will get a call from the SBI Contact Centre.

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Step 1 : Select the Mode to Update the Mobile Number

SBI Change Mobile Number using OTP on both Mobiles

Select ‘By OTP on both the Mobile Number‘ and Click ‘Proceed

Step 2 : Select the Account with the Debit Card and Click ‘Proceed’

Select the account with the debit card

Now you can see the list of ATM cards associated with your Account and Click on ‘Proceed

SBI ATM Cards associated with the account

Step 3 : Now you will get a Payment Page (For Card Validation). The Amount Rs.1/- in the Card Validation page is indicative and no charge will be taken for this service.

ATM Card Validation Payment SBI

Enter your ATM Card Number, Expiry Date, Account Holder Name, ATM Pin etc and then click on the ‘Proceed’

Step 4 : Verify the Information and then click on the ‘Pay’ button

Step 5 : Now you will get an OTP and a Reference Number in both your Old and New Mobile Number.

To complete the Mobile Number change process using OTP, you have to send both the OTP and Reference Number in the below format to ‘567676’.

ACTIVATE <8 digit OTP value> <13 digit Reference Number>

Now your new Mobile Number will be updated immediately in your Internet Banking Account, ATM etc.

You will get a Confirmation message and you can see the status in your Online SBI => Profile=>Personal Details-Mobile Number Update.

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Steps to Change SBI Registered Mobile Number using ATM

Follow Below Steps to Change your SBI Registered Mobile No through ATM (If you do not have the Old Mobile Number)

On successful validation after clicking the ‘Pay’ button, the following message will be displayed to the customer on the screen; “Thanks for registering mobile number with us. The status of your request is pending. Kindly complete the registration process according to the option selected by you. Click here to see the guidelines for process completion.”

A SMS containing “Reference No.” for Change/Update mobile number in the below format:

UMXXXXXXXXXXX and your IRATA reference number is XXXXXXXXXX”

will be sent by INB system on your new mobile number.

Step 6: Find any nearbt SBI ATM, swipe your card, select the ‘Services’ tab and input your SBI ATM PIN.

Step 7: Select ‘Others’ tab on the ATM screen and choose ‘Internet Banking Request Approval’ option.

Step 8: Enter the 10-digit reference number received in your new Mobile number for approval of the request.

On successful completion of the process, the request (change of mobile number) will be fulfilled.

You will get a confirmation Message in your new Mobile Number.

SBI Mobile Number Change Request Approval through Contact Centre

You will get a SMS with  “Reference No.” for Change/Update mobile number. Bank’s Contact Center person will call you within next 3 working days on your new mobile number.

Verify the Reference Number when you get the call from SBI Contact Center and share your personal details  and “Reference No.” only after confirming that, the caller is from SBI Contact Center.

ie; Do not share your Reference No with anyone.

On successful verification of information, the new mobile number inputted by you will be updated in the SBI Account.

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