How to Block SBI ATM Card? | Block SBI ATM Card Fast by Phone Call, SMS, Online

Last updated on February 23rd, 2019 at 10:28 am

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Learn How to Block SBI ATM Card (Debit and Credit Card).You can easily Block your SBI ATM Card by sending SMS or by calling the 24 * 7 Toll Free Number, using Online SBI Account etc. SBI Debit Card Block can be done, even if you don’t know your SBI ATM Card Number and without online banking.

How to Block SBI ATM Card?

If your SBI ATM Card (Debit or Credit Card) is lost or Stolen, you should block the ATM Card immediately.When your SBI ATM cum debit card is lost or stolen, a panic is created and you may not remember the last 4 digit of your SBI ATM Card.

But you can block your ATM Card immediately if you don’t know the last 4 digit of your SBI ATM Card. Check below to see all the options for SBI ATM Debit Card Card Block.

How can I Block my SBI ATM Card?

  1. Block SBI ATM Card Online (Using Internet Banking Account)
  2. Block SBI ATM Card by Phone Call (Toll Free Customer Care Number – 1800 425 3800)
  3. Offline by sending SMS to 567676  (BLOCK <space> XXXX)
  4. Block Online without Online Banking Account (Using SBI Registered Mobile Number & Account Number)

How to Block SBI Credit Card?

You can Block your SBI Credit card by using any of the below methods.

  • Send SMS ‘BLOCK XXXX’ to 567676  (BLOCK <space> XXXX) where XXXX is the last four digit of your SBI Credit Card. This message must send from your SBI Registered Mobile Number.
  • 2nd option to Block the SBI Credit card is to Call SBI Customer Care Numbers 860 180 1290, 39 02 02 02 , 1800 180 1290 (Toll Free)
  • Another option to block SBI Credit card is visit andLogin with your User Name and Password. Then click on ‘Block Loss \Stolen Card‘ and follow the instructions to block the credit card.

Watch the Video (Step by Step Process to Block SBI ATM Card By SMS, Online etc ):

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You can block your SBI ATM / Debit card immediately by following any of the below methods.

 How To Block SBI ATM Card by Phone Call? (Toll FREE Number)

You can easily block your SBI ATM / Debit  card by calling the 24 * 7 Toll Free Phone Number.

SBI ATM Card Block Toll Free Number :

Find below the SBI Toll FREE Number to Block the ATM Card :

  • 1800 425 3800
  • 1800 11 2211
  • 080-26599990

When you call the SBI ATM card block Toll Free Number, they will ask your Name, Address, Date Of Birth etc to confirm your identity.

Once the Card is blocked, you will get a Ticket Number. You can use this Ticket Number to Contact your SBI branch, informing them the loss of your ATM card.

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 How to Block SBI ATM Card by SMS?

SBI ATM Card block by SMS is the easiest method to block your ATM/Debit Card because you only need the last Four (4) digit of the ATM card to block it. But your SMS sending Mobile Number must be registered with SBI.

If you have not registered a Mobile Number with your SBI Account, you can register or change the Mobile Number through any SBI ATM, Online Banking Account and Through the Branch.

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You can easily block your SBI ATM Card by sending SMS in the below format from your SBI registered Mobile Number.

BLOCK <space> XXXX

Number : 567676 (Send the SMS to this Number)

Where XXXX is the last four digit of your ATM card number.

Eg: BLOCK 1452

Replace 1452 with the last 4 didgits of your ATM Card.

Once the ATM card is blocked successfully, you will get an SMS Confirmation from SBI with a Ticket Number.

If the SBI ATM card block using SMS or Phone call not worked then you can try online method to block SBI ATM Card.

There are 2 options to Block your SBI ATM card using Online. First method is through your Online SBI Internet Banking account. To use this method you need an active internet Banking Account User Name and Password.

If you don’t have SBI Online Banking Account, then you can use the Second method to block SBI ATM card, even if you don’t have an Internet Banking Account.

You just need your SBI Registered Mobile Number and Account Number to block it online.

Find below the Step by Step process:

 How to Block SBI ATM Card Online?

If you are using Online SBI (SBI Internet Banking Account), Follow below steps to Block your SBI ATM Debit Card online.

Step 1 : Login your SBI Internet Banking Account (

Login Online SBI

Step 2 : From the Home page, Select “ATM Card Services>Block ATM Card” link under the “e-Services” tab (Top Menu). See the Screenshot below.e-services-atm

e-services atm card services

Step 3 : Select your SBI Account Number for linked ATM Cards and click the ‘Continue‘. You can see all your SBI Account Numbers there.

Select your Account Number to boock the ATM

Step 4 : Select the ATM card number to be blocked.If your account has multiple ATM cards, then you have to select the specific ATM card to be blocked. There you can see the first 4 Digit and last 4 Digit of your ATM card. Then select the Reason to block (Lost/Stolen). You can enter optional remarks there. Then click on ‘Submit

Select SBI ATM card to block

Step 5 : Select the mode of Authentication to block the ATM from SMS OTP (One Time Password) or Profile Password. You will get an OTP in your SBI Account registered Mobile Number, if you have selected the OTP option.Otherwise you can select the ‘Profile Password’ option.

Enter the OTP/Profile password and then click the ‘Confirm‘.

Step 6 : Now you will get a success message with a Ticket Number. You can use this ticket number for future references.

 How to find SBI ATM Card Number

You can find the SBI ATM card Number from any of your Previous Card Statements or Login the Internet Banking Account “e-Services” > ATM Card Services.

 How to Block SBI ATM Card Online Without SBI Online Banking Account

You can block your SBI ATM card without online banking (Online SBI Account) and ATM Card Number (ie; if you don’t remember the last 4 digit of your SBI ATM Card).

You need your SBI registered Mobile Number and your SBI Account Number to block the ATM card by using this method.

Follow below steps.

Step 1 :Click the Link (Block your SBI ATM Card Online) and Click the ‘Next Step’.

Block SBI ATM Card Online

Step 2 : Enter your SBI Account Number and SBI Registered Mobile Number, Select the Country and then enter the Captcha text.

Block ATM Card online

Step 3 : Click on ‘Submit‘ to block the ATM card.

Please note that once a Card is blocked, it cannot be unblocked online.

It is very important to block your ATM card, once it is lost. You can use any of the above methods to block the ATM card. Share this useful tip to your friends.

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