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Find CIF meaning in banking and CIF full form in bank. The full form CIF is ‘Customer Information File‘. The file has a number which is known as the ‘CIF Number‘ and it’s the file that carries all the valuable banking information of the account holder in digital format. For one bank you must have one CIF number, but under this number, you might have more than one accounts.


The Customer Information File (CIF) is an 11-digit number that gives the bank detailed information about any account-holders when retrieves. That is the CIF holds the personal & account related information of any account holder. So, the number has great importance to any bank as the number allows the concerned bank to observe the accounts of any account holder.

This number gives information like who is the owner of the account, credit relationship, type of the account,  account balance or transaction history of the account, loan history, Demat, KYC details, etc.

The format might be different from other banks i.e. different banks follow the different formats for this number. This number is very important for phone banking or internet banking as there, this number works as a user ID.

 CIF number for SBI Bank

You can find the CIF number of SBI bank both online and offline.

To find the SBI Bank CIF number offline, you can use any of the below options.

  • Cheque Book: SBI CIF number is available on the first page of the SBI cheque book
  • SBI Passbook: CIF number will be printed on the first page of your SBI Passbook.
  • Through SBI Branch: You can visit the SBI Branch and get your CIF number.
  • CIF number State Bank of India Passbook


 SBI CIF number Online Search

You can find the CIF number of your SBI account online. Follow the below steps:

1. Find the CIF Number on the Account Statement generated through Net Banking.

  • Login to your SBI Net banking account with the User Name and Password
  • Choose the account statement option.
How to get cif number SBI

Get CIF number SBI through Online Statement

2. Find the SBI CIF Number in the Nomination and PAN details section in SBI NET Banking.

  • In the SBI online banking account, click on the “Account Summary” option.

how to find cif number in sbi


 How to get HDFC bank Customer ID (CIF number)?

You can find the HDFC bank CIF Number using any of the below options:

  • Check your HDFC bank passbook first page. It contains the CIF number.
  • The CIF number is also available in the online statement if the customer once login and check the account statement.
  •  CIF number will be available on the first page of the chequebook.


 How to find customer ID (CIF Number) of IDBI Bank

The Customer ID of IDBI bank is also known as the CIF number of the customer. You can find the Customer ID of your IDBI bank using any of the following options.

  • IDBI Passbook: The easiest option to find the IDBI bank CIF number is to check the IDBI passbook. When you open the account with IDBI bank, you will get the Passbook. Check the first page of your IDBI bank passbook. You can find your Customer ID or CIF Number.
  • IDBI Cheque Book: If you have an IDBI bank cheque book, you can easily find the CIF number from the first page of your IDBI Cheque book.
  • IDBI Online Statement: If you don’t have your IDBI passbook and Cheque book, then don’t worry. You can still find your CIF Number online if you have an active IDBI bank Net Banking account. Log on to your IDBI bank Internet Banking account and generate an account statement. You can find your Customer ID in that statement.
  • Contact IDBI bank Customer Care: You can contact IDBI bank customer care numbers (1800-209-4324, 1800-22-1070) and give your account details. They will tell you your Customer ID.
  • Through Branch: If all the above options not working, then you have to contact your branch to get your Customer ID (CIF Number).


 Find customer ID (CIF Number) of Bank of Baroda

  • Bank of Baroda provides the CIF number once you visit the Bank of Baroda branch.
  • You can find the Bank of Baroda CIF number on the passbooks and chequebooks as well.
  • This bank also provides the CIF number online once you download the account statement.


You can find the CIF Number of any bank account using any of the following options:

  • All the banks provide passbooks and chequebooks in which they provide the CIF number.
  • The banks which have an online banking system also provide a CIF number while the user views his account summary.
  • Otherwise, the customer can directly visit the branch, where he has the account and check his/her CIF number.


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