Union Bank of India Balance check number Missed Call | Union Bank Balance Check

Union Bank of India, 5th largest public sector banks in India, provides several options for it’s customer’s account Balance Check. Union Bank Balance Checking is very easy. To check the balance, use any of the below options.

  • Missed Call balance Enquiry number 09223008586
  • Balance Enquiry SMS Number 09223008486
  • Toll Free Union Bank Customer Care Numbers 1800222244 or 18002082244
  • USD Code *99*50#
  • ATM Balance Checking
  • Passbook Printing


Using union bank of India balance checking number (Missed Call Balance Checking No) 09223008586 is the easiest and fast method to check your account balance. Union bank customers can get their primary account balance at any time by giving a missed call to this union bank balance checking No.

To use the Union bank missed call balance enquiry, your mobile number must be registered with your account. To activate the missed call balance checking, you can contact Union Bank 24/7 Customer care Numbers 1800222244 or 18002082244.

Make sure you have the Union bank account number and Debit card number, when you call the customer care.

Once the Missed call Banking and SMS banking activated in your account, you can check your account balance at any time by sending a missed call to union bank bal enquiry no 09223008586 from your registered Mobile number.

After a few rings, your call get disconnected and you will get an SMS with your account balance immediately.

Union bank account balance checking number: 09223008586


 Union Bank balance check by SMS

You can use Union Bank SMS Banking facility for the balance enquiry, if the SMS banking is activated in your account. You can contact the Customer care or home branch to activate this facility in your account, if it is not yet enabled.

To check your balance by SMS, you have to send the balance checking SMS in the below format from your registered Mobile Number to 09223008486

  To check your primary account balance send UBAL to 09223008486

To Check other account balance, send the SMS in the below format.

  UBAL<space>Account number Eg: UBAL  122805678234123

Replace 122805678234123 with your Union bank account number and  Send this SMS to 09223008486

union bank balance check by sms

You will get a SMS with your account balance immediately.

 Union Bank Mini Statement

To get your account mini statement as a SMS, send SMS from your registered Mobile number in the below format to 09223008486.

To get your Primary Account statement, send UMNS to 09223008486

To get your other union bank accounts Mini statement, send sms in the below format to 09223008486

  UMNS<space>Account number

E.g: UMNS<space>122805678234123 sent to 09223008486

Replace 122805678234123 with your Union bank account number.

 Balance Check through Toll Free Customer Care Number

You can use the Union bank dedicated 24/7 customer care number to check the account balance.

Union Bank Toll Free Number  1800222244,  18002082244

When you call the customer care, they will ask several questions related with your union bank account, to ensure that you are the real account holder. So make sure that you have all the account details including account number, before calling the customer care.

Once the verification completed, you will get the account balance details.


 Balance check through ATM

You can use any ATM machine to check your account balance. For that you need your Union Bank Debit card/ATM card and PIN number.

Insert the ATM card in the ATM machine and then enter the PIN number to see your balance.

Note: Due to COVID-19, it is better avoiding ATM machines and use alternate methods mentioned above to check your account balance.


 Use USSD *99*50#

Union Bank Of India has a USSD balance enquiry option. To use this facility for the balance checking, dial *99# from your registered Mobile number.

You can see more details about the Union bank USSD based Mobile App here.


 Union Bank Passbook

You can update your Union bank passbook through the branch. Once the recent transactions updated in your passbook, you can see your account current balance.

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