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Last updated on August 30th, 2022 at 10:19 am

Find How to check IDBI Bank Account Balance. Also find IDBI Bank Balance Check Toll Free Number, SMS Banking, Missed Call Banking and Mini statement Format and Number.

Since its establishment in 1964, the IDBI Bank (Industrial Development Bank of India) has been one of India’s leading private sector banks.
Customers of IDBI Bank have access to a wide range of services, including savings accounts, current accounts, business loans, and more.IDBI Bank offers net banking, mobile banking, money transfer (RTGS, NEFT, IMPS), and other services to its customers to make banking more convenient.

Customers of the IDBI Bank can check their account balance at any time using a variety of methods.
Missed call balance check, SMS Banking, Net Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM, and Passbook are all alternatives for checking IDBI bank balances.

 IDBI Bank Minimum Balance

The IDBI bank, like all other banks in India, demands a monthly average balance.
For Metro and Urban Branches, you must maintain a Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of Rs. 5000 in the Super Savings Account, Rs. 2500/- for Semi-Urban Branches, and Rs. 500/- for Rural Branches.

 IDBI Bank Balance Check Number

IDBI bank Toll Free number for balance enquiry: 18008431122

Account holders can call the IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Number 18008431122 to check the IDBI bank Account balance.

To check your account balance, simply follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Dial a missed call to the IDBI Bank Balance Check Number 1800 843 1122 from the registered mobile number to check your account balance.
  • After two rings, the call will be disconnected automatically by the phone system.
  • You will receive an SMS with the balance of your IDBI Bank account.

Note: IDBI Bank account users can use missed call banking to check their IDBI Bank account balance a maximum of four times per day for their IDBI Bank account.

 IDBI Bank Mini Statement Toll Free Number

Account holders can get an IDBI Bank Mini Statement (which includes the previous 5 transactions) by placing a missed call to – 18008431133.

IDBI bank Toll Free Mini Statement Missed Call Number: 18008431133

Make a missed call to the IDBI Bank Mini Statement Toll Free Missed Call Number 1800 843 1133 from your registered mobile number to obtain your mini statement of the most recent 5 transactions.

 IDBI Bank Mobile Number Registration for Balance checking

IDBI Bank Customers who have only one bank account with IDBI Bank are automatically offered a balance inquiry option. Individuals who have several IDBI accounts that are tied to a single mobile number can register by following the instructions below:

Send the message “REG <space> account number” to 5676777 or the phone numbers 9820346920 / 9821043718.

Your registration status will be confirmed by the bank via a confirmation message.

Eg. REG 106784xxx190231 to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718

Please keep in mind that you must send this SMS from the mobile number that you have registered with IDBI Bank. In any other case, this registration will be rejected.

If your application is approved, you will be able to begin using the service immediately after submission. Otherwise, check the SMS format and destination mobile number (which should be either 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718), which should be successful in most cases. Make certain that your bank records are up to date with your most recent mobile number as well.

 Change the Registered Account Number for the IDBI Missed Call Balance checking

Changing a Registered Account Number for the purpose of using this feature is as simple as sending an SMS in the following format to the Toll Free Banking service, which will automatically register the new account number.

REG Account Number to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718

*For example, REG 1036511xxxxx815 to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718

If you wish to be removed from the missed call service, please complete the steps listed below:
1. Send the text “DEL <space> account number” to 5676777 or 9820346920/9821043718 (From your registered Mobile Number).
2. You will receive a confirmation message from the bank confirming your de-registration.

As of right now, the Bank is offering this service at no charge. It is possible that your telecom service provider will charge you for the registration / de-registration process, depending on the SMS billing plans you have in place.

 IDBI Bank Balance check through SMS

IDBI Bank’s SMS Banking service is provided at no additional charge to all of its customers who have savings, current accounts, or fixed deposits with the bank.

To use the IDBI SMS Banking service, Register yourself as a user with any IDBI bank branch that is convenient for you.

When using the SMS Banking service, a user must send a request as a short message using their mobile phone in order to be able to use the service.

SMS Banking services can be accessed by sending a message to the following numbers: 9820346920 or 9821043718.
After the message has been received, the user will receive a response on his or her cell phone in the form of a short message within a few seconds.



SMS Banking – Account related information

Bal 400001 aaaaa
(All fields would be separated by spaces)
Account number is optional. By default, information is available for primary account number.
2. Fixed deposits enquiry FD CUSTOMERID PIN [ACCOUNT NUMBER]
Fd 400001 aaaaa
(All fields would be separated by spaces). Account no is optional.
3. Last 3 Transactions TXN CUSTOMERID PIN [ACCOUNT NUMBER] Example:
txn 400001 aaaaa
(All fields would be separated by spaces). Account number is optional.
4. Cheque Payment Status (to ascertain whether the cheque is paid or not) CPS CUSTOMERID PIN CHEQUE NUMBER [ACCOUNT NUMBER]
Cps 400001 aaaaa
(All fields would be separated by spaces). Account number is optional.
Cbr 400001 aaaaa 30 P – (By Person / By Mail)
(All fields would be separated by spaces). Account number is optional.
6. Request for statement one can use this
reference number to check the status of the request any time. The bank mails the
statement of account.
(All fields would be separated by spaces)
From date MMYY
To date MMYY
Account number is optional.
Stm 400001 aaaaa 0899 1200
(All fields would be separated by spaces).
Cpn 400001 aaaaa bbbbb

 Bank Balance check through Net Banking

IDBI Bank customers who have signed up for the bank’s net banking services can access the portal to view their account balance. To find out how much money is in your account, follow the steps outlined below.
Those who have an IDBI bank account can sign up for the net banking service by visiting the bank’s website at

  • Once you have registered, you will be able to access the page using your user id and password.
  • After the login, To check the balance of your IDBI account, go to the balance check option and select it.

You can use the IDBI Net banking to view and generate Bank statements, Register Mobile Number, Transfer funds using NEFT/IMPS/RTGS etc

 Mobile Banking

Account holders can download official IDBI Bank Mobile apps (IDBI Bank GO Mobile+ or IDBI Bank mPassbook) from Google Play Store or App Store and login using your Customer ID and Password.

After the login you can use it to check the Account balances at any time.

You can also check your account balance by downloading and using third-party banking mobile applications such as Google Pay, PayTM, Amazon Pay, and others.

IDBI Bank account holders can use any ATM to check the balance at any time. You can also visit your branch with the passbook and update the balance.

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