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Last updated on August 30th, 2022 at 10:21 am

ICICI balance check is very easy. In this post, you will learn about the various options for checking your ICICI bank balance.

Account holders have a variety of options for checking their account balances with ICICI Bank, including dialling the ICICI bank toll free number for balance enquiry (ICICI missed call balance checking), sending an ICICI balance check SMS, checking account balances through Net Banking or Mobile Banking, calling the ICICI customer care number, visiting an ATM, or updating the Passbook.

ICICI Bank Balance check Number – The ICICI Bank Balance Enquiry Number is a toll-free number that can be used to check the balance of your bank account.

If you want to check your account balance, calling the ICICI bank toll-free number is the quickest and most convenient method of doing so.

Account holders can send a missed call to (ICICI bank balance check number 9594 612 612) this number to check their account balance.

ICICI balance check missed call number: 9594 612 612

To check the ICICI Mini statement (last three transactions), send a missed call to the ICICI mini statement number: 9594 613 613

ICICI Mini-Statement missed call number: 9594 613 613

Account holders who wish to receive their account balance and mini statement via missed call should send a missed call to the ICICI Bank balance check number and the mini statement number from their ICICI account registered mobile number.

Follow the below steps to check the balance:

  • Call the ICICI bank account balance check number 9594 612 612 from your registered mobile number.
  • The call will be disconnected after a few rings.
  • You will get your account balance as SMS in your registered mobile number

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 How to register for the ICICI balance Enquiry by Missed Call?

To get the account balance through ICICI bank account balance checking number (Missed call balance checking), account holders should register their mobile number with the bank for the SMS alert.

Account-holders can visit any nearest ICICI bank branch and submit the application form for the SMS banking and alert. Once the mobile number is registered for the SMS alert, you can use the ICICI missed call balance enquiry number to check your account balance at any time.

You can also send a missed call to the ICICI mini-statement number at any time to get the details of your last 3 transactions as a mini statement. (You will get the SMS with the mini statement shortly after disconnecting the call).


 ICICI Balance Check through Customer Care Number

Account holders can use the Toll-Free ICICI customer care number to check the account balance at any time.

ICICI Toll-Free Customer Care Number: 1860 120 7777

When you call this number, select the balance cjheck option. Then the IVR system will ask you to enter your Account Number or Debit Card number. Then enter your ATM Pin number. You will get the balance of your account immediately, if the given account information is correct.

 ICICI Missed Call Balance Check - Summary


9594 612 612

Missed call for balance inquiry. ❏      Give a call to this number from the registered phone number.

❏      The call will be automatically disconnected after a few rings.

❏      The customer will get a message regarding the account balance.

9594 613 613


Missed call for mini-statement ❏      Give a call to this number from the registered phone number.

❏      The call will be automatically disconnected after some rings.

❏      The customer will get a message regarding the account balance.

1860 120 7777


Call for balance inquiry. ❏      Call on this number.

❏      Select the preferred language.

❏      Choose the option ”Balance check”.

❏      Enter the account number or debit card number.

❏      Type the ATM PIN number.

❏      You will get your balance immediately.


 ICICI SMS Balance Check

ICICI bank SMS balance check is another easy option for its customers to check their account balance. Once the mobile number is registered with your account, just send an SMS to the icici bank balance check SMS number 9215 676 766/ 5676 766 from your registered Mobile number.

ICICI Balance check by SMS – Send an SMS as IBAL to 9215 676 766/ 5676 766

Similarly to get the last 3 transactions details as SMS, send an SMS to 9215 676 766/ 5676 766 from your registered mobile number in the below format.

ICICI last 3 Transactions – Send an SMS as ITRAN to 9215 676 766/ 5676 766

The call will disconnect automatically and you will get the last 3 transaction details as SMS to your registered mobile number.


 ICICI Bank SMS Balance Check - Summary

Send SMS to 9215676766

If you have more than one account in ICICI, then to know the details of your primary account, use the ICICI SMS banking Keywords in the Primary Account Column below. To know the Non-Primary account details, use the SMS Keywords in the Non-Primary Account column below.

ie; To know the balance of your ICICI Primary account, just send SMS IBAL to 9215676766

Type Primary Account Non-Primary Account

Balance Enquiry

IBAL IBAL(space)Last 6 digits of your ICICI bank Account No

Last 3 transactions


ITRAN ITRAN(space)Last 6 digits of your ICICI bank Account No

Credit Card Balance Enquiry


IBALCC(space)Last 6 digits of Credit Card IBALCC(space)Last 6 digits of Credit Card


 Check balance in ICICI using UPI Apps

Nowadays, UPI apps are very popular and ICICI account holders can download any UPI Apps like Google Pay, PayTM, Phone Pay, BHIM UPI etc in their registered mobile from Google Play Store or App Store.  These apps allow us to add several accounts by entering the account number, IFSC code and other details.

Check account balance using Google pay

ICICI Bank balance Check using Google Pay

You can enter your ICICI bank account details and use the UPI pin to check the balance of your account at any time.


 Balance check-in ICICI using Mobile Apps

ICICI Bank provides to its customers some of the applications which are active to check their balance. Some of the applications are:

  • Mera iMobile by ICICI Bank:

Mera iMobile by ICICI Bank

Mera iMobile app is available in 12 different vernacular languages. with the help of this app the account holders can check their balance, transfer funds, view the last transactions and many more facilities are available through this app.

  • iMobile by ICICI Bank

iMobile is by ICICI Bank which is a  mobile banking app available. And is both available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Using this app, customers can make fund transfers view the account balance and much more. Also, with the help of this application customers can do ICICI Balance Enquiry, view mini statements, and email statements as well.


 ICICI Balance Check through Internet Banking

ICICI bank customers with an active Net Banking account can check their account balance easily by using the Internet banking account.

check balance in icici account

The customer once logged in to the net banking can check their balance. They have to enter the login id and password. After logging in, the dashboard has the option to check the balance. The Account-Holder can not only check the balance but also can transfer funds, check mini-statements, view there transaction histories, and much more.


 ICICI Balance Check through ATM

The account holders who have an ATM card can check the balance once they visit their nearest ATM of ICICI Bank or any other bank. The steps to follow are:

  • Swipe/Insert the card into the machine.
  • Type the 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • Choose the option “Balance check/Balance Enquiry”
  • You will be able to get your account balance on the screen. You can also opt for a receipt to check your balance.


 Balance Check through ICICI Passbook

ICICI bank provides a passbook to all its customers once they start an account. So the customers can check their balance once they have updated their passbook. To update there passbook they have to visit the nearest branch of ICICI bank and by updating they will be able to check their balance and view there last transactions.

How can I check my ICICI balance by SMS?

To do ICICI Bank Balance inquiry, just send the SMS- IBAL to the number- 5676766 or 9215676766. To check the last 3 transaction details, send the SMS- ITRAN to any of the numbers 5676766 or 9215676766. After sending any of the two mentioned messages, the Bank will respond with appropriate details via SMS.

How can I check my last 5 transactions in ICICI Bank?

ICICI bank customers can check account balance and details of the last 5 transactions of their current account anytime through SMS. SMS ITRAN to 5676766 or 9215676766 from the registered phone number.

How can I check my balance through ICICI toll-free number?

● Dial ICICI Bank Balance Check Number 9594612612 from the mobile number registered with the bank. ● The call will automatically disconnect after several rings. ● The customer will receive ICICI Bank Account Balance through SMS on the registered mobile phone.

How can I check my transaction in Icici Bank Online?

Log in with your user ID and password to the official ICICI net banking portal. ● Go to payments and transfer menu ● Choose the “transaction” option. ● You will see your details on the screen.

How do I check my bank balance on my phone app?

The mobile bank app is also the best way to check the account balance on the phone. All you need is to download the ICICI Mobile applications (Mera iMobile by ICICI Bank, iMobile by ICICI Bank) and log in with your account details to check the balance.


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