Gold vs Platinum Price

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Last updated on October 24th, 2022 at 11:00 pm

Find out what the difference is between platinum and gold in this post, as well as the price of gold compared to platinum and the distinction between platinum and white gold.

Is there a distinction between platinum and gold? If you are considering buying an engagement ring, it can be a question. While the metal looks similar they do have some significant differences to note.

This short guide compares the two metals to determine what you want for your wife.

One of the most obvious distinctions between gold and platinum is their appearance under different light.

 Platinum has a white colour, whereas gold is a yellowish-gold colour.

However, gold can be found in a variety of colours, with white gold most closely resembling the appearance of platinum. The alloys zinc, nickel, and copper, coupled with a coating of rhodium, are the components that make up white gold.

Compared to yellow metal, platinum is more durable. It lasts longer because it is dense and made of chemicals. Platinum is not as hard as 14-karat gold, even though it is stronger than gold. So, it scratches more quickly.

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 What is Platinum?

Platinum is an exceptionally uncommon precious metal that is naturally white in colour. Platinum is one of the cleanest precious metals that can be purchased.

cost of gold vs platinum

It is composed of 95 percent pure platinum and only 5 percent other alloys, making it one of the purest precious metals available.

This precious metal gives off a bluish-white colour that is reminiscent of ice, and it has a tendency to amplify the inherent brilliance and shine of a diamond’s center stone.

Platinum once attracted the highest price of all of the precious metals that were bought and sold, reaching an all-time high of 1,000 dollars per troy ounce. That is not the case anymore because it has been superseded by gold, which is more valuable.

Platinum, despite its lower popularity, has managed to figure out a specific market niche for itself as well as loyal customers among the younger generation.

 How Gold Rate is Calculated?

Gold is kept in large quantities by a variety of entities, including governments and private individuals, due to the widespread belief that it has value as an alternative currency. Particulars Platinum Gold Liquidity.

Because of the perceived value that gold possesses as an alternative currency, central banks have it stored away in their official reserves.

The sentiments of individuals who hoard gold rather than the fundamentals of supply and demand are what determine its price.

This is due to the fact that gold is a store of value. When the economy is expanding, investors sell gold in order to fund their purchases of equities and other assets, which brings the price of gold down.

The market for gold is exceptionally liquid. On the global markets, buyers and sellers trade enormous volumes of gold each and every day.

 Gold Exchanges

The COMEX subsidiary of CME Group in New York and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange is considered to be the two most important futures exchanges for precious metal gold.

The COMEX gold futures contract is one of the most liquid commodity futures in the world. The daily volume of this exchange is equivalent to around 27 million ounces of gold.

 The Main Difference between Gold and Platinum

1) Gold melting point is 1064 degrees C while that of 1768 degrees C in platinum

2) The colour of gold will change depending on its use, but the natural white colour of platinum will never fade.

3) Gold is more durable than platinum.

4) Gold weight less than platinum.

5) Gold is available in three types namely yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, platinum has only one type.

6) Gold may be suitable for everyday use due to its lightweight, but platinum may not be.

7) Gold ranks 79th and platinum ranks 78th on the periodic table.

Platinum is another type of precious metal that is used in the jewellery industry in addition to having applications in various industries.

Both stocks and real estate have the potential to be profitable investments; nevertheless, there are important distinctions to be made about their long-term stability and price volatility.

Platinum Price

Platinum production is estimated at 190 tons a year in global mines. Platinum production is mostly produced in South Africa and Russia. Platinum prices around the world will be impacted by the events that take place in these two countries.

Platinum is more difficult to produce compared with other metals because it is more concentrated on Earth and requires more intensive purification procedures.

The metal has a high density and extremely malleable properties that have significant industrial uses. This is also found in medical instruments, including pacemakers, or jewellery. The total mine volume is currently 3,464 million tons. Gold has been mostly derived from three countries: China, Australia, and Russia.

 How the Price of Gold and Platinum Changes?

Platinum and Gold prices vary according to the international prices which move from one direction or another. Aside from this, there is a significant effect on currency exchanges between the rupee against the dollar. In case rupees are lower against dollar prices, platinum and Gold prices will increase.

Several countries, such as China, the United States, Australia, India, Canada, and others, make the yellow metal.

 Tell me the best way to invest in Gold?

Platinum and gold are two precious metals, both in terms of their monetary value and their aesthetic appeal. Although both gold and silver are excellent choices for financial investments, there are a few key distinctions between these two metals that investors should be aware of.

What It All Comes Down To Investors who want to diversify their holdings in the commodities market may find opportunities in precious metals such as platinum and gold to be appealing.

However, these metals each have their own set of advantages, disadvantages, and patterns in the market.

The best way to purchase gold or platinum might be to buy its physical assets. Bullion, also known as “money,” is a sizable quantity of platinum, gold, or other precious metals that is used in manufacturing.


Coins may be purchased from dealers or at money exchanges. Collectible coins also have platinum.

This coin may have historical and artistic value in addition to its value as a piece of metal. You can invest in shares, mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that hold gold or platinum if you’re interested in purchasing metals without actually owning them.

Better liquidity is provided and no secure storage technique is needed.

 Price of Gold vs Platinum

In jewellery, gold comes in wide varieties such as white gold, yellow gold, and genuine rose gold.

Platinum and Gold ring differences have one major difference:

Gold is naturally yellow while platinum is naturally white metal.

When comparing them however people typically prefer White Gold as the gold resembles platinum while offering much lower prices.

Gold is the mixture of gold with white metals. Nickels, Silvers & Palladiums.

To maintain the silvery colour of the rings are polished with Rhodium plating. The rhodium coating fades the rim to a yellowish tint when it is polished or re-plated.

 What is White Gold?

White Gold is an alloy made of gold, nickel, and silver; however, over time, it will lose its white appearance and take on a colour that is somewhere between yellow and creamy white.

In point of fact, white gold is never completely white; rather, it has a creamy tone.

However, the rhodium plating that is applied to newly manufactured jewellery makes it appear to have a brilliant white colour. Some clients have an allergy to nickel, and as a result, they also have an allergy to white gold.

White gold is a mix of pure gold and white metals like platinum, e.g. rhodium. It can be found but isn’t just gold. This metal helps in strengthening the gold and improves its durability for jewellery.

It varies based on the karat weight and the amount of metal used for creating the ring. White gold rings cost between $90 and $900 for a simple solitaire to $4,000 for sophisticated vintage rings.

Costs vary according to vendors, white gold use, and your style. If you resell the place, generally, you get a 50 percent return.

It has the ability and strength to be whiter than gold and has a stronger luster than other alloys such as gold, nickel, or copper.

A white gold ring is usually created with 14 and 18K gold. 14K gold consists of 58% gold and 18K gold amounted to 85% gold.

When white gold is given a finish of rhodium plating, it is given a brilliant white shine and further protection from harm. This further improves the metal’s durability and makes it more resistant to wear and tear.

The main difference between platinum and white gold is their composition and pricing. Platinum is purer with 95% to 97% platinum content and nickel has more durability.

The rings require more platinum, so the prices can be 40%-51% more.

 Platinum vs White Gold Composition

18kart and 14kart gold necklaces and earrings are usually made out of gold as gold itself are relatively soft.

18karat is 75% gold whereas 14karat is 57.6% gold.

Platinum is purer – generally 95 – 98% platinum – with the remaining percentage rhodium and silver. It is heavier and denser than gold compared to gold.

It should also be noted that gold is a metal that relies on a high percentage of alloys and rhodium to ensure strength and durability.

 Difference between White gold and Platinum:

Platinum and white gold share a lot of similarities.

1) The composition of white gold varies depending on the carat content, with 18-carat white gold having a gold content of 58.3 percent, while 24-carat white gold has a gold content of 75 percent, with 58.3 percent of the gold being alloyed with other metals such as nickel, copper, palladium, and titanium.

But on the other hand, the platinum metal composition is 95%. , doping only 5% with other elements.

2) Comparatively, the price of white gold is very low and platinum costs 40%-50% more than gold.

3) The appearance of jewelry made of white gold is white/off-white/gray, which over time pales and comes to the original color of yellow, comparatively, on the other hand, in color or appearance.

Platinum jewelry is pure white because it occurs naturally.

4) Jewelry made of white gold should be highly durable and they are often used for everyday purposes, whereas, comparatively, jewelry made of platinum is much more durable than gold and it is a heavy metal.

5) White gold requires gold dipping two to three times a year for its upkeep and maintenance, whereas platinum requires re-polishing and replating.

6) White gold is formed by combining two or more metals with different compositions in nature, it is not a naturally occurring metal, whereas, comparatively, platinum is naturally occurring in its purest form.

 White Gold and Platinum Price Comparison

The main difference between gold and platinum is seen in the high price of platinum around 40-50%. Although comparable in grams, the amount of gold required to make this ring is larger.

The platinum ring costs $500 more, which is a significant expense compared to the center diamond. Even a 0.9-carat round-shaped diamond is priced 43% lower than the platinum-based 0.9-carat oval-shaped diamond.

 Rose Gold

Rose Gold contains pure copper and silver. Gold is really beautiful but the material isn’t pure gold. Copper and silver give the flower a bright pink hue.

The higher the use of copper the darker the gold. The most common mixture of rose gold and copper is 75 percent gold and 25% zinc per kilogram (18 K). Like white gold roses are alloys, which makes them not suitable for jewelry.

The term “rose gold” refers to a combination of the colours red, rose, and pink gold. Diamond engagement ring made of rose gold and pink metallic.

 Pink Gold vs. Red Gold vs. Rose Gold

Pink gold, red gold, and rose gold have very similar compositions but differ in appearance. The majority of the products contain 75% gold with copper or silver alloy.

These three designations for gold are used interchangeably in the jewellery and goldsmiths industries, while rose gold is the most popular choice for usage in engagement rings.

 Understanding the Differences between red gold, rose gold, and pink gold?

The difference is only in the name.

The presence of gold can be inferred from variations in the quantities of copper or silver. Copper, for instance, is present in relatively large concentrations in red gold, which is why its rose tones are more pronounced.

There is no such thing as pure rose gold as rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper.

18K Red Gold: 75% Gold | 25% copper | 0% silver

18K Rose Gold: 75% Gold | 22.5% copper | 2.75% silver

18K Pink Gold: 75% Gold | 20% copper | 5% silver

 White Gold vs Yellow Gold

White gold and yellow gold have different colors. White gold mixes with white materials like gold and silver. Yellow gold consists of pure gold and alloys such as copper and zinc.

The purity of gold jewelry depends upon its karat age. It also means it is more resistant than steel. In this respect, 14 or 18-karat gold is used on engagement rings or wedding rings.

The white gold possesses a sparkling white appearance, whereas the yellow gold possesses a glowing yellow hue. Some people prefer yellow gold, and others prefer white gold.

Gold colors can vary depending on individual preferences. There are some minor differences between white gold and yellow gold. Its hypoallergenic properties are more important than white.

 Difference between Yellow gold and White gold

1) White gold is called a coma combination of gold and metals. Soft pure gold is alloyed with palladium and silver to make it stronger.

Yellow gold is called an alloy of pure gold and some other metals. Thus, it is a combination of zinc, copper, and pure gold,d.

2) White gold jewelry is usually high in price, especially because it is made by mixing metals like titanium and platinum.

However, yellow gold jewelry is relatively cheaper than white gold, and the metals used in the alloying process are relatively cheap.

3) People generally prefer white gold as it is scratch proof. But, yellow gold gets scratched easily and is not considered scratch proof.

4) In the case of rings, white gold is preferred as the color of diamond resembles the color of white gold.

And also yellow gold is less desirable because, on a white diamond stone, yellow gold reflects or creates an illusion of a yellow tone.

5) In the case of white gold, re-plate is a common procedure because its white cast tarnishes quickly and easily.

On the other hand, there is no procedure like re-plating in the case of yellow gold jewelry. It does not change color quickly.

 Platinum vs Gold Investments Which is More Beneficial?

Gold has long been popular as an economic asset and for its aesthetic value. Another precious metal is platinum.

Both can be good investment choices, but there are differences in terms of long-term stability and price volatility.

If long-term investment and stability are your priority, then gold is the best investment. Gold always has some level of demand, which only rises during economic downturns.

Platinum is closely associated with a booming economy and will change dramatically in popularity

 Is platinum better than gold?

No, platinum has advantages over white as the color and quality are almost the same. The 14K and 18K it can be worn daily for a lifetime.

Platinum jewelry does not require any extras. Platinum can easily be scratched and requires more maintenance.

White gold combines the most beautiful metals with an elegant look. White gold is cheaper to purchase than platinum and a great choice as a wedding band or other fine jewelry.


Although the metal you use to create the ring depends largely on individual tastes and styles, it may be useful to consider the major differences in composition and price.

Today Platinum Price Per Gram in India

1 Gram Platinum| Rate Today: ₹2,267| Platinum Rate Yesterday: ₹2,212 | Daily Price Change: ₹55

8 Gram Platinum|Rate Today: ₹18,136|Platinum Rate Yesterday: ₹17,696| Daily Price Change:₹440

10 Gram Platinum|Rate Today: ₹22,670|Platinum Rate Yesterday: ₹22,120 | Daily Price Change: ₹550

100 Gram Platinum|Rate Today: ₹2,26,700 |Platinum Rate Yesterday: ₹2,21,200 | Daily Price Change: ₹5,500

 Why gold price is increasing

There are a number of different things that can affect the price of gold.
Demand and Supply: Both demand and supply are important factors in determining the price of the good or service. Because there is such a limited amount of gold, its price tends to rise whenever there is an increase in demand for it.

Inflation – The value of a currency will decrease once the inflation rates reach extremely high levels.

In addition, the vast majority of other potential channels for investment fail to generate returns that are competitive with inflation.
As a result, the majority of people start off by investing in gold.

Gold is an excellent private investment since its value is unaffected by shifts in the value of other currencies, making it suitable even if high inflation rates persist for an extended period of time.

Interest Rates – The link between interest rates and gold prices is inversely proportional to the level of interest rates.

When interest rates go down, the returns that individuals obtain on their deposits become less appealing.

As a result, they default on their deposits and instead purchase gold in an effort to boost demand, which in turn causes prices to rise.

When interest rates rise, many people choose to cash in their gold holdings and put the money in bank deposits instead. This results in a decrease in demand for gold, which in turn leads to a decrease in price.

Exchange Rate:  The value of the Indian Rupee has fallen by a significant amount. At the moment, one dollar in US currency is equivalent to approximately 80 rupees.

As a result of India’s position as the world’s second-largest importer of gold, fluctuations in exchange rates have a tendency to have an impact on current gold prices as well as gold price forecasts for the future.

Will Gold Rate Decrease in Coming Days?

The fluctuations in the price of gold can be attributed to a wide variety of factors. We may forecast that the price of gold will experience a little decline in the days or months ahead.




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