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In this Post find the DOPBNK Full Form and the details about DOBBNK SMS.  A message from a sender named DOPBNK may have been received by at least some of us. Let’s get some background on what it is and how to deal with it.

We occasionally receive unwanted messages from unknown phone numbers. We may dismiss many of them as a fake or a scam. However, we frequently wonder why a specific communication was given to us. Especially if it contains financial information.

People receive messages from several sender names, including ID-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, and VD-DOPBNK.
Knowing the full DOPBNK shape will, as a result, assist you in feeling relieved.

The full form of DOPBNK is the Department of Post Bank.

This refers to the Indian Post Office. If you have an account at the Post office you might get SMS from the following IDs: AD-DOPBNK, ID-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK, IM-DOPBNK, VK-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, etc.

ie; DOPBNK is the postal banking department that sends the message.

dopbnk Customer Care Number

If you want to contact DOPBNK Customer Care Number, call any of the below Customer Care Numbers.

+91 89396 58163, +91 89396 58172, 155299


Customers of the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) can send money from their accounts to other bank accounts in a number of ways (RTGS, IMPS, and NEFT).

You need an IPPB IFSC code or an India Post Payment Bank IFSC code to transfer money from one account to another. Find below the DOPBNK IFSC Code,

The IFSC code for the India Post Payments Bank is IPOS0000001

Those who have either a savings account or a current account with India Post Payment Bank have the ability to use the IPPB IFSC code in order to transfer money to other people or conduct online transactions.

India Post Payments Bank or IPPB

The India Post Payments Bank, often known as IPPB, was established in September 2018 as a division of India Post, which is under the Department of Post. IPPB is a simple and secure solution to create a digital account. You may make immediate transfers and payments with ease and speed.

Is the DOPBNK SMS Legal or Fake

As long as we understand that the message was issued by the Department of Post Office (India Post Payments Bank or IPPB), which is a government entity, the SMS is legitimate.

The DOPBNK is an agency of the government that provides a wide range of beneficial activities and services to the general public.

When we complete a transaction at any bank, we will receive a confirmation message from the bank confirming the completion of the transaction. Similarly, when a transaction occurs in our Post office Savings account or India Post Payments, the Post office sends a text message to our registered phone number.

In a nutshell, once you have opened a Department of Post Office account (IPPB), you will receive the DOPBNK SMS. The SMS from sender DOPBNK is also genuine, and you can put your trust in them.

DOPBNK SMS is, for example, a transaction alert SMS from the Department of Post Office (India Post Payments Bank).

If you do not have a Post Office account but are still receiving messages from DOPBNK, it is possible that you have registered your phone number at one of the Post Office branches, or that someone in your family has done so and registered your phone number.

If you haven’t done any of the above and you are still getting messages from The Post Office, you can either ignore them or go to your local branch and inquire.

How to check the DOP balance in your account

DOPBNK Balance Check Number: 8424046556 

In order to receive information about your account balance, you must first have your mobile number registered with your local post office. SMS banking should be enabled on your cellphone number in order for you to use it.

The Customer Identification Number (CIF) and the Date of Birth (DOB) are required for mobile application registration.

    1. You can visit your home post office branch and check your account balance directly.
    2. You can enable missed call banking facility.

To check the DOPBNK balance,  give a missed call on the number 8424054994 from your registered mobile number.

Then, give a missed call to 8424046556 for a balance enquiry and to 8424046886 to get the mini statement of your Post Office Savings Account.  

IPPB Account

The eligibility to open an IPPB account is 18 years of age. The minimum account balance required is Nil and the maximum balance can be INR 1,00,000. IPPB provides a 2.75% interest rate per annum.

How to open an IPPB account

First, go to the Google store on your Android phone and download the IPPB app to activate banking services. Then, you can open your digital savings account by following the instructions.

Is the IPPB account free?

The account can be opened with a zero balance. Free monthly e-statement. You can receive a mini statement through SMS.

Types of IPPB accounts

There are three types of savings IPPB accounts- Regular, digital and basic savings accounts.

What is DOPBNK full form?

The full name of DOPBNK is the Department of Post Office. This is a reference to the Post Office in India. You may receive an SMS from the Post Office Department Bank if you have an account at the Post Office. It is the Department of Postal Banking and Networks (DOPBNK) that is responsible for sending the message.

What is Dopbnk message?

When we finish a transaction at any bank, the bank will send us an email or text message verifying that the transaction was successfully finished. Likewise, whenever there is activity in either our Post office Savings account or our India Post Payments account, the Post office will send a text message to the phone number that we have registered with them. After opening an account with the Department of Post Office (IPPB), you would be eligible to get the DOPBNK SMS. You can have complete faith in the sender of the SMS, DOPBNK, since they have provided real information.

Which bank is DOP?

The Department of Postal Service Bank. The acronym DOP BNK refers to the Department of Post Bank. If there is any transaction activity on your DOP account, the department of Post Bank will send you an SMS notification about it and that is the DOPBNK SMS.

What is the dopbnk balance check number?

The dopbnk Balance Check Number is 8424046556, if you need to check it. Send a missed call to the number 8424054994 from the mobile phone you have registered with DOPBNK. This will allow you to check the amount of your DOPBNK account. Then, give a missed call to the number 8424046556 for a balance enquiry, and give a missed call to the number 8424046886 for a mini statement of your Post Office Savings Account.

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