Online Registration For Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act

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Last updated on February 25th, 2019 at 09:48 am

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Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment Act 

In Kerala, All Shops &  Commercial Establishments have to be registered under Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act irrespective of the number of workers.

ie; All Shops &  Commercial Establishments have to be registered under this Act even it has number of workers is Nil (Only Owner). The employer of every shops and commercial establishments shall apply for registration in Form B-I with prescribed fee to the competent authority (Assistant labor officer-Grade III) within sixty days from the date on which the establishment commences its work.

Every employer shall renew the registration every year at least 30 days before the expiry of the registration for the previous year.

Shop and Establishment Registration

Procedure for registration of Establishments under Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act

  • Application in form B1 for Labour Registration
  • Original Copy of the Chalan receipt having remitted the prescribed fee at the nearest treasury of the office of the Asst. Labour Officer
  • Submit the form B1 and original chalan receipt at the office of the Asst. Labour Officer having jurisdiction over the area with in 60 days from the date of commencement of the establishment

No. of Employees       Fee
Nil   Rs.10
Up to 5    Rs.50
Above 5 & up to 10 Rs.50
Above 10 and up to 20 Rs.200
Above 20 and up to 30 Rs.300
Above 30 and up to 50 Rs.500
Above 50 and up to 100 Rs.1000
Above 100 Rs.2000

 Kerala Shops and Establishment Online Registration

Now the Department of Labour Commissionerate offer various online services through its portal. You can now Register, Renew, Download Application & License etc through this portal.

Let’s check the steps involved in Registering the Labour Department (Shop Registration in Kerala) through this portal under Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act.

Step 1 : Visit :

Step 2 : Click ‘Online Registration

How to Register Labour Department

Step 3 : Read Online Registration Instructions  and Click the box near the text ‘I have read the instructions‘ and then click ‘Proceed

Online Labour Registration Instructions

Step 4 : Select the Act of Registration (Click ‘Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act 1960‘)

Select Act of Registration

Step 5 : Select the ‘District Name‘ & ‘Registration Office‘ then fill the details. Fields marked with * are Mandatory.

  • Name of the Employer and the Manager, if any
  • Name & Postal address of the establishment
  • Name of Employement & Type of Business
  • No of Male & Female Workers
  • Business Owner Mobile No

Step 6 : Click ‘Download Employees Details Format‘ and save the Excel sheet in your computer.

Labour Registration Form

Open the Excel Sheet & fill it with Employee Name & Address, Designation, Age, Year of Joining etc and ‘Save’ it.

Step 7 : Click Upload Employees Details ‘Browse‘ button and select the ‘Employees Details Excel sheet‘ we saved in the step 6

Step 8 : Verify all the details & Click ‘Submit Application

Step 9 : Once the application is submitted successfully, You will get the ‘Application No’ & ‘Temporary Register No‘. Note down it. We need it to download theApplication’ & ‘Challan‘.

Step 10 : Go to ‘Online Services‘ Portal home again. Click Here to Go to the Home

Download application,upload challan

Step 11 : Click ‘Print Application‘ and Enter the ‘Temporary Register No‘ and then click ‘Show‘ . There you can download the Application.

Step 12 : To Download the Challan, Repeat the Step No 10 & Click ‘DOWNLOAD CHALLAN‘. You can enter your temporary Register No to download it.

Step 13 : After Payment in the Treasury (Challan), You can update the Payment status in the same portal

Repeat the Step No 10 & click ‘UPLOAD PAYMENT DETAILS USING CHALLAN‘ . Enter your temporary Register No. Now you will get an option to upload the ‘Challan‘. Click ‘Browse‘ button & select the ‘Challan‘ and Save.

You can check the status of your registration at any time by entering your ‘Application No‘ and clicking the ‘Show’ button.

 Kerala Labour Registration Renewal

Next year you can renew the registration in the same portal by clicking ‘ONLINE RENEWAL‘ and entering your Registration Number.

Follow below steps to Renew your Labour Registration.

Step 1 : Visit Kerala Labour Department Official Portal 

online labour registration renewal kerala

Step 2: Click on ‘Online Renewal‘  or Click Here to go to the License Renewal page

labour license online renewal kerala

Step 3 : Select the Renewal Type as ‘Renewal of Registration

Step 4: Enter your 14 Digit License Number and click on ‘Display’

Step 5: Now you can see your license details.

Licence details- labour registration renewal kerala shops

Step 6: Select the Period of Renewal To and then download the Employee Details format. Fill or Edit the Excel sheet and click on ‘Browse’ button in the ‘Upload Employee details’ section and upload the employee details.

Step 7: Click on ‘Apply for Renewal‘.


You can update your Establishment and Employee Details and Submit it.

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