The Ultimate Guide to Trace Textnow Number

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Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 07:45 am

If you want to know How to Trace a TextNow Number and Discover Who Owns it, you’ve come to the right place. If you get spam calls and texts a lot, you’ll be annoyed, and it’s clear that you need to track textnow number location or the person who is calling or texting you.

Find below a list of the available options, and read up on How to trace a textnow app number.

The fact that you wish to track and trace a text now number should come as no surprise. Now the question that arises in your head is, “Is textnow traceable? “, or more specifically, “Can I trace a textnow number and its location?” Here is the solution that you have been searching for.

When it comes to tracking a person down using their TextNow number, there is no formal method available.
Even if you contact TextNow support, they will not be able to assist you because of the privacy policy they have in place.

This means that TextNow will not provide any information regarding the identity of the individual who is sending messages from a specific number.

Trace Textnow number

It’s possible that you’ve already attempted to view the TextNow profile of the person who’s been harassing you with spam calls and messages.

However, in order for you to obtain the details, his or her profile must first be updated with the correct information.

You will be able to track down the individual if the account data include not only the first name and last name but also an email address.

You can also check the call or text message history associated with that number to determine whether or not you have previously communicated with the individual in question.

However, it is quite uncommon that the individual who sends unsolicited texts or calls openly exposes their contact information.

How do you trace a Textnow number?

Let’s look into the different ways we may trace a textnow number.

Track TextNow Number Using True Caller

Tracking TextNow phone numbers is made simple using True Caller. The following is a list of the procedures that need to be taken in order to find a TextNow number using the True caller app.

Step 1: Download the True Caller app from the Apple or Google Play stores and install it on your device.
Step 2: After that, sign up by providing your personal information. You are able to sign in if you already have an account with the True Caller.
Step 3: Go to the search option, type in the TextNow number you wish to track, and then hit the enter key on your keyboard.
Step 4: The True Caller will provide a complete profile of the owner of the TextNow number.
You are able to view their name as well as their address and location.

When you click on the location within True Caller, you will be taken to Google Maps where it will be shown.

By using Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup – SpyForMe

You may find out who owns the textnow number that is sending you irritating messages by using the Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup tool, which can be found at

When you conduct a search using the Text Now Number Lookup feature, you will undoubtedly find at the very least the identity of the person, along with Personal Pictures, Social Profiles, Home address, and other relevant information, all of which are presented in a report that is tastefully designed and is typically generated within a couple of minutes.

With the use of the Spy for Me 100% Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup tool, it is now feasible to track down the owner of a TextNow number.
 Number Lookup - SpyForMe

You are unable to trace the actual location of the owner of a Textnow number at this time; however, if you use the Spy for Me text now number finder, you will be able to determine who the owner of a Textnow number is.

Create a new account to find the owner of the TextNow number.

This is a tough call. You can try creating a new TextNow account and sending a text message to the owner of the TextNow number you want to trace.
You must create a realistic or believable story that will appeal to the other person.
After you have developed a relationship with the owner of the account and earned their trust, you will be in a position to confidently request that the other party disclose their name.

If you’re fortunate, they’ll be happy to share the information with you; however, if you don’t have good luck on your side, you may need to find some other way to locate the owner.

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In the event that the solutions presented above are unable to solve your issue, you can attempt the options presented below.

Blocking Phone Numbers

Text Now is not just a messaging app but also a security app. It enables a variety of different safety features. There is a way to stop someone from repeatedly harassing you using an app.

The TextNow App provides users with the ability to block a specific number.

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How To Block Number In TextNow APP

  • To block the Number from the App, follow the steps that are listed below.
  • To block a number, you must first select it from the conversation or call log it appears in.
  • Choose the Block Number you need from the pull-down menu (it’s the icon with three dots in the top right corner).
  • You can unblock the number by selecting Unblock Number from the same menu, or by tapping the Unblock button that is located at the bottom of the conversation that you are having with the blocked number.

This blocking feature can be used by non-TextNow users who want to block unwanted calls or messages from TextNow users, as well as by TextNow users who want to block numbers that they do not want to receive calls or messages.

How To Change TextNow Number

  • TextNow allows you to change your phone number once every fifteen days, and the app provides you with the opportunity to do so whenever you want.
  • The instructions can be found down below.
  • You start by opening the TextNow app on your mobile device.
  • Proceed to the app’s menu bar, which is located in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Choose the gear icon for Settings.
  • Choose TextNow Number after selecting Account.
  • Move the menu tab to the top right corner where there are three vertical dots, and then click that.
  • Then, the Release Number to finish off the change.

Once a number change has been done, it cannot be rolled back.

ie; Once your current number has been made available to someone else, it will no longer be available to you.

Can Police Trace a Textnow Number?

Yes, without a doubt.
The textnow number can be traced by the police.
TextNow will collect certain basic information on the account user whenever a new account is created, regardless of whether the account is being created to “Get Free Wireless Service” or to “Get a Free Phone Number.”

You can find the screenshot for the TextNow signup page of the ‘Get a Free Phone Number’ service below.

 	can police trace a textnow number

To make an account, you need need a valid ID from either Facebook, Google, or Apple.
Moreover, a genuine telephone number will be associated with each of these accounts.

The consumer will be required to supply either their credit card information or a valid shipping address in order to get an activation kit for the Get Free Wireless Service.
These facts can be used by the police to determine who the owner of the textnow number is.


Moreover, According to the privacy policy, it does collect a significant amount of user data, such as IP address, email details, device information, telephone log information, messages, and a great deal more information; nevertheless, TextNow will not share anything with you.

The only time the company will give out user information is if a law enforcement or investigation agency requests it.

Can you trace Textnow Numbers?

It is true that Textnow can be tracked back to your phone, but the only information that can be obtained from this is your geographical position as well as some of your bare-bones personal information. However, law enforcement is able to obtain additional information such as a log of names, emails, and IP addresses.

Can police track a Textnow number?

Yes, the police are able to obtain information from service providers such as email addresses, IP addresses, prior locations, and registration names; nevertheless, TextNow will not disclose any information to you.
Users’ personal information will only be divulged by the company in response to a request from a government agency involved in either criminal or civil investigations.

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