What is CIF number in Indian Bank? How to know your CIF number?

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Last updated on September 22nd, 2022 at 12:21 pm

In this post, you’ll learn 7 ways to find your CIF number in an Indian bank, as well as what CIF stands for and what it means.

CIF stands for Customer Information File.

This is a one-of-a-kind number with nine digits, and since every bank has a large client base, the bank gives each individual customer this one-of-a-kind number so that they can readily identify one another.
The CIF number is an element that can be found in digital files.

in addition, the number is stored as an electronic file on the computer system of the bank.

What is CIF Number in Indian Bank

The CIF number assigned to each individual carries with it all of the individual’s personal and account-related information.

In the event that you own multiple accounts with the same bank, the CIF number will remain the same;

ie; all of your accounts will continue to be associated with the same CIF number.

Customers of an Indian bank will receive a CIF number consisting of 9 digits, whereas customers of other banks will receive a number consisting of 4, 8, or 11 digits.
Its based on the bank.

Importance of CIF Number

In today’s modern world, the banking industry is likewise going through a period of modernization. The banks are in the process of digitizing every single piece of information pertaining to their customers.

Internet access is now available for a variety of benefits, including ATM cards, credit cards, online transactions, loan approvals, and other financial services.

Therefore, when the online service is made available to customers, the banks will offer a special number for each customer so that they may be identified more easily.

How to Find CIF Number in Indian Bank Account?

Both online and offline methods are available for finding your CIF number in Indian Bank. The following list provides 5 different ways to find your Indian bank’s CIF number:

How to find CIF number in Indian Bank through SMS

You can easily get your CIF number by using the Know Your CIF option on the Indian Bank (Allahabad Bank) website.

Follow the steps below:

  • Visit Indian Bank’s (Now Allahabad Bank’s) Know your CIF online website here
  • Enter your Indian Bank or Allahabad Bank Account Number
  • Then Enter your registered Mobile Number
  • Enter the Captcha shown there and click the “Send OTP” button.
  • Now you will get an OTP on your registered Mobile Number
  • Enter the OTP received and then click on the ‘Get CIF’ button
  • Now you will get an SMS with your Indian Bank CIF Number

Find Indian bank CIF Number Online Using Net Banking

If you have an active Internet Banking account with Indian Bank, it will not be difficult for you to locate your CIF number.

Follow the below steps:

  • Visit Indian Bank Internet Banking Portal
  • Login with your Net Banking User ID and Password
  • After the successful login, go to ‘My Accounts’ Menu and choose ‘Summary’
  • You will see your Indian Bank 9 digit CIF number on the open page.

Check your Indian Bank CIF Number on Passbook

New customers at Indian Bank receive a passbook, ATM card, cheque book, and account number when they open an account.

Customers of Indian Bank are able to readily get their CIF number by referring to their passbooks. The CIF number is printed on the front page of your passbook itself.

Find Indian Bank CIF number through Toll Free Number (Customer Care)

You can call the Indian bank’s toll-free numbers to find your CIF number for your Indian Bank account.

Call 1800 4250 0000 from the mobile number you have on file with Indian Bank (now Allahabad Bank) and follow the instructions.

Once the call is connected, they ask for your name, phone number, email address, account number, etc., to make sure you are who you say you are and that your account information is correct.

If everything is right, they will give you your CIF number.

How to find Indian Bank CIF number from Chequebook

The CIF number, along with your name, account number, address, etc., is printed on the first page of the cheque book that comes with your Indian bank account.

Find CIF number from Welcome Letter

If you have recently opened an account at the Indian Bank, you can locate your CIF number in the Welcome Kit that you got from the bank. This kit will also contain your passbook and other relevant information.

Find CIF Number in Indian Bank by visiting the branch

If none of the solutions presented above was successful for you, you can go to the Indian bank branch closest to your residence and ask for your CIF number there.

Have a conversation with the executive of the bank, and ask him for your CIF number.
For this, you must give verification of your identity by supplying details about your bank account, including your name, address, account number, and other personal information.

Following that, the Indian bank will provide you with a CIF number.

Why do you require the CIF number from the Indian Bank?

You might need the CIF number from Indian Bank for the following:

  • Mobile Banking App registration: Mobile Banking account activation may require your CIF number.
  • Branch Transfer: In order to complete a branch transfer for your Allahabad Bank (Indian Bank) account, you will need to provide your CIF number.

You may quickly get your CIF number for your Indian bank (Allahabad Bank) by using any of the options that were presented above.

  1. How can I get CIF number of Indian Bank?

    You can get your CIF (Customer Information File) number from Indian Bank by doing any of the following.
    By using the “Know Your CIF” option online, checking your passbook, chequebook, using the toll-free customer service number, Net Banking, checking the welcome kit, bank statement, etc.,

  2. What is CIF number in Indian Bank?

    Every account holder at Indian Bank is given a CIF number, which stands for “Customer Information File.” This number is a nine-digit, unique number. If you have multiple accounts with the same bank, the CIF number will remain the same. This means that each of your accounts will continue to be linked to the same CIF number even if you have multiple accounts with the same bank.

  3. What is cif number in Indian Bank cheque book?

    Your Indian Bank CIF number can be located in the Cheque Book of your account. On the very first page of the cheque book that is provided with your Indian bank account, the CIF number is printed, along with other personal information such as your name, account number, and address.

  4. Where is cif number in Indian Bank passbook?

    Customers of Indian Bank can easily obtain their CIF number by checking the passbooks that they have on file with the bank. You can find the CIF number printed on the very first page of your passbook.

  5. How to find cif number in Indian Bank without passbook?

    Customers of Indian banks can use the online feature known as Know Your CIF to simply check their CIF number if they know their account number and the registered mobile number associated with their account. Simply navigate your web browser to the following URL, https://apps.indianbank.in/emailstatement/ToFetchCIFNo.aspx, and follow the on-screen instructions. They also have the option of calling the toll-free customer service number or using the online banking system.

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