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Download Bank of Baroda KYC Form 2022 also find how to fill BoB KYC form easily.Bank of Baroda (BoB) is the third largest public sector bank in India has a large customer base. KYC Full Form – KYC  is the abbreviation of Know Your Customer. It is actually a verification process done for the identity of a customer at the bank.

The Reserve Bank Of India as made it mandatory for all the banks and financial organization’s to verify the identity of all customers who carry out transactions with them. This verification process is acquired by a method known as KYC. So in simple words we can say that KYC is a verification done for the identity and address of a customer.

KYC is done mostly with the help of data or information from documents. In order to verify their identity, single account holders must provide the following information:

  • a) a current photo;
  • b) address information;
  • c) a copy of their PAN card.

In the case of joint account holders, the bank requires the same paperwork.

When dealing with non-individual customers, the bank needs to verify their legal status, such as their operating address, license details, beneficial owners and permitted signatures etc.

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 Download KYC form of Bank of Baroda 2022

You can Download the KYC form of Bank of Baroda (BoB) 2022 from the below link.

Bank of Baroda KYC form PDF Download

 How to fill BoB KYC Form

bank of baroda kyc form

Above you can see the BoB KYC form that should be provided at the time of opening a bank account.

Let’s dive into the details that needs to be filled up in the form.

  • To begin, enter your Customer Id in the appropriate field.
  • Secondly, type in your account number in the box labelled “Account number” in the second row.
  • The third step is to enter your name (You must first state your prefix, such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms., before writing your full name.)
  • While writing your name you have to leave space between two words, means after your first name leave a single box before mentioning your middle name.
  • You must then enter your PAN number after you’ve finished entering your name.
  • You can update your Aadhar card information with the bank by ticking the Yes box and providing your Aadhar card number in the space provided.
  • If you want to link the Aadhar number with the account number then put a tick mark against the option yes and also mention the account number.
  • After successfully completing all of the above, the next mandatory information to include is your occupation and salary.
  • Salaried, Self-Employed, Retired, Self-Employed Professional, Student, Housewife, Private Limited, Politicians, Proprietorship, Public Sector, Multinational, Partnership are just some of the choices available there.
  • Public sector, public limited company A checkbox must be checked in order to proceed.
  • “Others please specify” should be written in the space provided if your occupation is not one of the above.
  • If you are self-employed please mention the time period in the box against Years and months, also if you are a company owner then mention the date which the company was incorporated.
  • Specify the time period in the box next to years and months if you are a self-employed person. If you’re the owner of a business, you should also include the date the business was formed.
  • If you’re a business person, be sure to indicate that in the provided box.
  • Agriculture, Stock Brokerage, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Service Provider and Trader are just a few of the options on the form.
  • Please select the appropriate check boxes based on the nature of your business.
  • As others have stated, if the form’s options do not reflect the nature of your business, you can mention it in the space provided.
  • Next is to specify the type of company which you are working in:
  • Options given are Partnership, Private Limited, Public Limited, Sole Proprietor ship.
  • Tick mark the appropriate box, Note that if it is none of the above then specify it in the box provided.
  • Banks need to know where your money comes from. Some of the sources on the form are Salary, Agriculture, Business Income, and Investment Income, among other things.
  • Other than these choices, you can write in the space provided in the form as other people say to do, too.
  • The next label in the form is Gross Annual Income. The options are 50,000, 50,000-1 Lac, 1-3 Lac, 3-5 Lac, 5-7.5 Lac, 5-7.5 Lac, 5-7.5 Lac, 7.5-10 Lac, 10-15 Lac, >15 Lac.
  • Put a tick mark in the box that corresponds to your Gross Annual Income, then click the box.
  • The next question on the form asks about where you live.
  • Owned: If you own your house, you can choose “Owned.”
  • If you pay a certain amount of rent for your living house, you can choose “Rental/Leased,”
  • or if the building comes from your ancestors or your company, you can choose “Ancestral/Family,” or “Company.”
  • Next one in the form is everything about your ‘’Mailing Address & Contact ‘’ Details.
  • You can add your temporary contact details as well as permanent details.
  • There is a place for your flat number or building name. Fill in that space first.
  • Second, you need to write down the name of the road that leads to your home.
  • Think of a well-known place near your home and write it down in the space provided.
  • Please write your city, state, zip code (the postal address), and country in the blank boxes that are there.
  • Finally, write down your phone number. The first thing you need to do when writing your contact number is to write down the landline numbers for both your home and your office first. “Telephone (R)” has a set of empty boxes next to it.
  • In the first five boxes, write your STD code. In the next ten, write your phone number, and that’s your home phone number. In the same way, write the phone number of your office and the extension number in the space.
  • After all that write your mail id and mobile number
  • Next you have to fill the details of your ‘’Permanent Address’’ in the same way as you have written above. The only difference is you have to write your permanent address.
  • Here is the last part of the form that needs to be done, which is the “declaration” part.
  • That’s why you need to send in self-attested copies of your address and ID proof.
  • Please write down the specifics of your proofs in the space provided. Y
  • our most recent colored picture should be glued into a space on this form.
  • You should sign across this space, too.
  • Finally, on the left side of the form, write your place and date.
  • You should use a black ink, bold pen to write your signature in the space that is there.
  • Now that the form is done, the next step is only for bank employees, so leave it blank.
  • Fill out the form and send it to the bank with your self-attested copies of your ID and address proof.

They will give you a “Customer Acknowledgement Copy” after they check the form. It includes the reference number, the date, and the bank official’s name and signature on the back.

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