HDFC ATM Pin generation through SMS, ATM, Online, Customer Care Number

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HDFC ATM Pin generation is very easy now and customers can generate the ATM Pin immediately without waiting for the ATM Pin mailer with scratch panels. HDFC adopted the Green Pin option and now the customers of HDFC bank can easily generate or change the ATM PIN Number with the help of

  • Net banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • ATM
  • Through SMS
  • Through Customer Care etc

So HDFC customers can generate or change the ATM pin within minutes.

The easiest method to Generate HDFC Bank ATM / Debit card pins is to use the Net Banking or Mobile Banking option.

The users can easily generate or change the pin with the help of HDFC internet banking.

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log in to the HDFC Internet banking account by using your account credentials.

Step 2: Click on the Cards Tab and Select the ‘Debit Cards‘ menu

Step 3: Now go to the Request tab and select ‘Instant Pin Generation

Step 5: You can now see the Debit Card numbers linked with your account. Select the Debit Card you want to generate the Pin and then enter the new Debit card Pin and confirm it.

Step 6: An OTP will now be sent to the registered phone number.

Step 7: Enter the OTP and submit the request.

A successful completion message will show on the screen and the new HDFC Bank card PIN will be updated.


 How to generate ATM Pin from Mobile

The Account-Holders can log in to HDFC Mobile Banking Application to change or regenerate their PIN.

  • Log in to your HDFC Bank Mobile Banking and click on the “Cards” option.
  • Go to the Card type menu and select the “Instant Pin Generation’’ option
  • Select the Card number and create a new debit card PIN
  • Now enter the OTP received on your registered Phone Number.

 Regenerate HDFC Bank ATM Pin through Net Banking

  • Login to the HDFC Net Banking by entering your User Name and Password
  • Go to the Debit Card Menu
  • In the left-hand column under Cards click on ‘Request’ and then click ‘PIN Generation’
  • Select the card number and continue
  • Now select a reason to regenerate the ATm Pin, Verify your phone number, and confirm it.
  • You will get an OTP on your registered phone number
  • Now go to any nearby HDFC ATM and enter your Debit Card
  • Select ‘Create a New ATM Pin Using One Time Password‘. You can see this option at the bottom of the language selection screen.
  • Now enter the 6 digits OTP received on your Mobile Number
  • On the next screen input your Mobile Number and Press Ok
  • Now you can create a 4 digit pin of your choice.

Note: HDFC Pin generation by SMS or HDFC Customer Care requires you to visit any HDFC ATM to complete the Green Pin generation Process.

 HDFC ATM Pin generation by SMS

HDFC Account holders can use the Green Pin option by sending an SMS from the registered mobile number in the format given below to generate the ATM Pin.

  PIN<SPACE>last four digits of ATM card<SPACE>last four digits of your account number

Send this to 567676 from your registered Mobile number.


Replace ABCD with the last four digits of your ATM card number

and Replace PQRS with the last four digits of your HDFC Bank account number

Once the SMS is sent, you will get an OTP in your registered Mobile Number and you can use this One Time Password to generate the Debit Card pin through any HDFC Bank ATM.

HDFC ATM pin generation by SMS requires you to visit any nearby ATM. To change/Generate the Pin through ATM after receiving the OTP, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Visit any HDFC bank ATM and Insert the Debit Card

Step 2: Select the ‘Banking‘ menu and then select the ‘Pin Change‘ option

Step 3: Enter the OTP received on your registered Mobile (By sending SMS in the above format)

Step 4: Change the HDFC ATM Pin.


 Debit Card Pin generation by Call

You can generate the ATM / Debit card pin by calling the HDFC bank customer care number.

Follow the below steps:

Note: Before calling Customer care, make sure that you have the HDFC Account Number, ATM card Number, Customer Id, and TIN (Telephone Identification Number)

Step 1: Call the HDFC bank Customer care Number. You can find the HDFC Bank customer care number of your city from here.

Step 2: After selecting the preferred language, select ‘ ATM and Prepaid Card services Option’

Step 3: Then select the Green Pin option

Step 4: Now enter the debit card number and confirm it.

Step 5: Enter the Account number linked with the debit card and confirm it.

Step 6: After entering the correct details, you will get an SMS with the OTP. You can use this OTP to generate the Debit Card Pin through any HDFC ATM

 HDFC Debit Card Pin generation through ATM

HDFC Account holders can visit any nearby ATM and generate or change the Pin by following the below simple steps:

Step 1: Visit any HDFC bank ATM and Insert the Debit Card

Step 2: Visit ‘Pin Generation’

Step 3: Now enter your 11 digit HDFC Bank account number and confirm it

Step 4: Enter your registered Mobile Number and confirm it.

Step 5: Now you can see a message on the screen ‘ You Green Pin will be shortly delivered to your registered Mobile Number’

Step 6: Check your registered Mobile Number to see the OTP or Green Pin

Step 7: Now select the Banking Menu -> Pin change option and enter the OTP / Green Pin receive don your Mobile.

Step 8: Enter a new ATM pin and Confirm it

That’s it. Your new ATM / Debit Card pin is ready to use.

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