HDFC Credit Card Payment IFSC Code | How to Pay Credit Card bill of HDFC using IFSC Code

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Are you an HDFC credit card holder and searching for the HDFC Credit Card IFSC Code for the HDFC Credit card bill payment through NEFT ? You are in the right place!. In this post you can find What is Credit Card IFSC Codes and What is the IFSC Code of HDFC Credit Card.

Timely credit card payments are very important to maintaining a good credit score and avoiding late payment penalties. To pay your HDFC Bank credit card bill online through NEFT, you need its IFSC code.

Let’s check What is the credit card IFSC code?

HDFC Bank has a lot of ways for cardholders to pay both online and offline. HDFC CC Payment options includes Payment through Mobile App, Internet Banking using NEFT and through other third party payment apps like Google Pay, PayTM, Amazon Pay etc.

How to pay Credit Card bill HDFC

 Credit Card Payment through HDFC Net Banking

HDFC Bank customers who have a savings or current account and don’t have an online banking account can sign up for the HDFC Bank Net Banking account.

If you already have a net banking account with the HDFC bank, you can login and link your credit card (a one-time process). Then you can pay the credit card bill online at any time.

 Non-HDFC Bank NetBanking

In the case that you don’t have a bank account with HDFC Bank, you must be using the old ways to pay.

For people who don’t have an account with HDFC Bank, you can add the credit card as a beneficiary and Pay the CC bill online.

 Credit Card Payment Using HDFC Bank Mobile App and Mobile Website

HDFC Bank customers can use the official HDFC Bank Mobile App to pay the Credit Card bills.  You can download the HDFC Bank Mobile Apps from here.

You can login the Mobile App using your Customer ID and then choose the Credit Card you want to pay the bill. You can pay using your HDFC Bank Savings account.

 CC Payment Using NEFT (From Other Bank Accounts)

If you don’t have an account with HDFC Bank, you can use the NEFT option of your existing bank account and Pay the Credit Card Bill online.

 What is the IFSC code for a credit card?

An IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) for a credit card enables individuals to pay his credit card bills via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT).

What is the IFSC code for a credit card

Typically, all credit card banks provide several options for the easy payment of credit card bills. NEFT is one of the most popular and simple methods for financial transfers in India. So many Indian customers prefer NEFT for their credit card bill payments.

To help them, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) provides a separate platform for online payments involving credit card IFSC, which can be used only for credit card bill payments.

I.e., The credit card IFSC code differs from the IFSC number used by a bank/branch to provide online fund transfers, and you can pay your credit card bill even if you don’t have a savings or current account with the same bank.

 What is the use of IFSC code for the Online Payment of HDFC Credit Card?

A credit card IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) allows a person to pay his credit card bills with NEFT even if they don’t have an account with the bank.  HDFC Bank has a lot of ways for cardholders to pay both online and offline.

If you have a Credit card with HDFC bank and don’t have a bank account with them, then you can use the HDFC Bank Credit Card IFSC Code and the NEFT to pay your HDFC Bank credit card bill.

ie; You can add your HDFC bank Credit card as a beneficiary in your existing bank’s online account like a normal beneficiary. To add the HDFC Bank Credit card as a beneficiary, you need the HDFC Bank credit Card IFSC Code.


 IFSC code of HDFC Credit Card

IFSC code of HDFC Credit Card

HDFC Bank IFSC Code for Credit Card(CC) payment through NEFT: HDFC0000128


 How to Pay Credit Card bill HDFC ?

You can login the online banking account of your bank account other than the HDFC bank and then go to the Add Beneficiary section.

There you can Add a new Beneficiary with the Name ‘HDFC Bank Credit Card’

In the Account Number section, you can enter your Credit Card Number

In the IFSC Code section, enter the HDFC Bank credit Card IFSC Code HDFC0000128  and save the beneficiary.

Once the beneficiary is approved, you can use the NEFT to pay your credit card bill easily by selecting the HDFC Card Credit Card beneficiary. (Same like normal NEFT transaction)

Note: Make sure that you have entered the correct HDFC Bank Credit Card Number in the account Number section of the Beneficiary Management section.

 Credit Card payment HDFC Online

You can use the Credit Card payment using IFSC code option at any time, if you want to pay your HDFC bank credit card bill using any other online banking account. It is very easy and simple once the beneficiary is added.


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