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In this blog post, find out different options for the Axis Bank Credit Card tracking. You can check the status of your Axis bank card online by using the Application ID, Mobile Number, Pan Number, Airway Bill number, etc.

Axis Bank is regarded as the most prestigious bank in India. It introduces a card that suits everyone. Once completing the application forms you might be interested in learning about the processing of your application as it progresses.

You can easily check the status of your credit card application online and offline. You can check the progress of your credit card application with Axis Bank either online or offline, whichever is more convenient for you.

It is necessary for you to have your application reference number, PAN Number, and registered Mobile number in order to verify the progress of your credit card application with Axis Bank.

You can check the status of your credit card application by calling the Axis Bank credit card division (Customer Care). This is all that is required of you in order to find out the current status of your credit card application offline. They will tell you the correct status.

Axis Credit Card Application Status Online - Know How to Track

You may apply for an Axis Bank credit card by visiting the nearest axis bank branch, calling Customer Care, sending an email, etc. After you finish the credit card application, you will get a reference number.

The application number, along with the registered mobile number or PAN, can be used to track the progress of your application through its online database.

There are other ways to check on the status of your application. Two methods to check Axis Bank credit card application status.

  1. Checking through Application Reference Number (App ID)
  2. Checking through Mobile number and PAN number

Check Axis credit card application status through application ID

Application ID is the number that the credit union generated for granting your credit cards using a prepaid debit card or prepaid credit card in your name and email address. The bank sends the details through call/SMS/email based on the registered details of applicants if applicable.

To track the status using the application id, few details required. Follow the below steps:

Step 1:  visit the Axis bank credit card tracking page:

how to track axis credit card application

Step 2: Enter the Application ID, your Date of Birth, and Captcha shown on the screen

Step 3: Click on Enquiry button.

Now you can see the status of your application on the screen.

Check Axis credit card application status through Mobile number and PAN number

A second online option for tracking the progression of your application is made available to you by Axis Bank. Using your PAN card number and Mobile Number, you can follow these steps to verify the status of your credit card.

Step 1: Navigate to the official webpage for application tracking maintained by Axis Bank.

There you can see two option to track the Application status.

  • Using Application ID and Mobile Number
  • Pan Number & Mobile Number

Check Axis credit card application status through Mobile number and PAN number

Step 2:

To know the status of your application using Pan Number & Mobile Number, Select the second option.

Step 3: Enter your PAN No in Capital letters.

Step 4: Enter your 10 digit Mobile Number

axis bank credit card application status through mobile number

Step 5: Now enter the Captcha shown on the screen.

Step 6: Click on ‘Track Now’ button.

Now you can see the Credit Card Application status on the screen.

Check the status of Axis Bank Credit Card Application Offline

If you are someone who does not have easy access to the internet or who does not favor using online methods for whatever reason, you may also check the axis bank credit card application status offline by using any of the techniques that are indicated below:

  • By visiting your nearest branch
  • By contacting customer care

Axis Bank Credit Card Application status Customer Care Number: 1860 419 5555 & 1860 500 5555

Callers from outside India can use the number: 91-22-67987700

You can also visit the nearest Axis Bank branches to get your credit card application status. In both cases, make sure your Application ID is handy.

Checking Axis Bank credit card status through Air Way Bill number

After a card application has been reviewed and accepted, Axis Bank will send the card to the address you have on file with them using either a courier or Speed Post.

You should check your SMS for the tracking number when it arrives. You can verify the delivery status of your Credit Card by using this Shipping tracking Number that was provided to you.

Axis Bank’s website has an option to track a customer’s card. You will then be directed to another webpage where you may fill out the airway billing numbers (Shipping Tracking Number). After verification, you may track the location and date of your bank card arrival at your address.

Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status

Status Disapproved

If you check axis bank credit card status and it says “disapproved,” it signifies that your application for a credit card was declined.

The denial of a credit card application may be the result of a number of factors, including the applicant’s failure to satisfy the card issuer’s eligibility criteria, the submission of inaccurate information on the application itself, or the inclusion of invalid supporting documentation with the application.

Therefore, before you send in the application form, you should check through it one more time and correct any errors you see. Also, make sure that all the required details are included in the application.

Status On Hold

Other application status results, such as on hold or any other negative status results, call for more follow-up with the bank. In the event that your application is being held up, the bank may be in need of some further documents or require additional clarification from you regarding other matters.

In the best-case scenario, You will ideally receive a call or message about the same. Also, check your given email id.

Status Rejected

The meaning of your application being in the rejected status is fairly clear, as it indicates quite plainly that it has been turned down since it does not fulfill the requirements that were specified.

In this scenario, the bank could send you a message with or without providing an explanation of the cause of the rejection. You can call customer care to know more details about it.

You can re-apply for the card if it is rejected.

If you are looking for an Axis Bank credit card, follow the below steps to apply for a new card.

How do I apply for a credit card?

When applying for any credit card the most important step should be selecting the card that matches your credit score and your budget. Generally, banks offer credit cards for different kinds such as buying, life, entertainment, women’s credit requirements, fuel, business travel, online shopping, etc.

The card you want to use is the most beneficial to their use habits. If you are interested in applying online. Select the credit card that best suits your needs from Axis Bank’s list of credit cards.

The users may go on the Bank’s official website to fill in some information including names, income, and jobs, and upload some documents to get a credit card.

To apply for the axis bank credit card online, Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Visit Axis Online Credit Card application page:

Choose the option Yes if you already have an account with Axis Bank; otherwise, choose the option No.

If you don’t have an active account, you can directly go to the below link and fill the form.

Step 2: Fill the Application form by entering your Mobile Number, PAN Number, Pin Code, Net Annual Income, etc

Credit Card Online Application

Step 3: Now click on the ‘Next’ button and complete the form and submit the application.

You can also apply for a credit card by contacting your relationship manager in the bank by visiting your nearest Axis Bank branch.

How will I know if my credit card application is rejected?

Once the Application Process is completed, the bank will verify your given application and approves it if it meets the eligibility criteria. Otherwise, the application will be rejected. The approval is confirmed via an e-mail from the bank.

How can I check my axis credit card application status?

You can easily check the status of your credit card application online and offline. In order to check on the status of your credit card application with Axis Bank, you will need to have three pieces of information on hand: your application reference number, your Permanent Account Number (PAN), and your registered mobile number. You can find out the current status of your application for a credit card by calling the Customer Care line for the credit card division of Axis Bank at either 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555.

How long does it take to get axis credit card after verification?

After the application has been sent in, it will take Axis Bank between seven and fifteen working days to do the necessary background checks before deciding whether or not to issue the credit card. You will get the status through SMS or Email.

How to check your credit card status using PAN card number and mobile number

Step one is to navigate to the official application tracking homepage for Axis Bank. then Enter both the number on your PAN card and your cell phone here. Click the Submit button in Step 3, and the status of your application will be displayed on the screen shortly after you do so.

How Can You Check the Status of Your Application for an Axis Credit Card Offline?

You are able to verify the progress of your credit card application offline by using any of the following methods: – Visiting your nearest bank or Calling the customer service number at either 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555

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