Google Pay Max Limit per Day | Transfer Limit of all Banks in India [2023]

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Last updated on October 28th, 2023 at 12:56 am

If you’ve ever wondered about your Google Pay transfer limit per day, the initial Google Pay transaction limit for your first transaction, or how to increase your Google Pay limit, you’re in the right place.

From the Google Pay transaction limit per month to specific daily restrictions, there’s a lot to explore. In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into these key aspects of Google Pay’s transaction limits.

Whether you’re sending money to a friend, paying bills, or making online purchases, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about Google Pay’s transaction limits in India, including the Google Pay transaction limit SBI per day.

Google Pay app users enjoy the convenience of instant payment transactions. Upon linking the app to your bank account, payments for purchases and transfers happen seamlessly, with funds deducted directly from your account. Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, Google Pay offers versatile functionality.

Whether you need to top up a prepaid mobile phone or settle various bills, Google Pay has you covered. Its utility extends to virtually any type of bill payment.

However, it’s important to note that this versatile app does come with certain limitations, including a cap on the number of daily transactions (Google Pay transfer limit per day), a one-time transaction limit, and a monthly transaction limit that users should be aware of.

Google Pay Transaction Limit Per Day

The maximum amount of money that can be sent or received using Google Pay on a daily and monthly basis is subject to daily and monthly limits.

ie; The maximum amount that can be transferred from one UPI ID to another is limited, exactly like it is with every other application that uses the UPI system.

Google Pay Transaction Limit In One Day: ₹1,00,000

One Lakh INR or ₹1,00,000 is the Google Pay transaction limit in one Day.
It means that you are permitted to transfer up to Rs. 1 lakh using the app.

Google Pay, UPI, and your bank themselves are responsible for determining your limit.
When you have surpassed the limit for the day, you will no longer be able to use the UPI app to complete any additional transactions. You will not be able to send any additional money until the following day.
Consequently, if you want to avoid this, you can use the app to send less than Rs 1,00,000 to other people.
Google Pay first transaction limit
Note: Google Pay’s first transaction limit 5000.

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Google Pay Money Request Limit In One Day: ₹2,000

Google Pay limits the amount of money you can request through your Virtual Payment Address (VPA) in the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) each day to a maximum of Rs. 2000.

ie; If you are using a Google Pay account, the maximum amount of money that you can request from another person is 2,000 Indian Rupees.

Google Pay Daily Transaction Number Limit: 10

The number of times you can transmit money using Google Pay or any other UPI app per Day is limited to a maximum of 10.
The Google Pay app, much like all other apps, has a daily limit on the amount of money that may be sent via the service.
This limits the number of times per day that you can use the app to transmit money to a maximum of 10.

Google Pay limit per day in India

If your daily transactions are less than the UPI limit but you are still unable to send money, this may be because your bank has a limit on the amount of money that may be sent through the UPI.

Find below the Per Transaction limit and Daily UPI Transaction limits of all banks In India.

Name of the Bank Per Transaction Limit Daily Limit
State Bank Of India (Google Pay limit per day SBI) 100000 100000
ICICI Bank 10000
(25000 for Google Pay users)
(25000 for Google Pay users)
Union Bank of India 100000 200000
HDFC (Google Pay limit per day HDFC) 100000
(RS 5000 for new customers)
IDBI Bank 25000 50000
IDFC 100000 100000
Bank Of Baroda 25000 Not set
Axis Bank 100000 100000
Bank of Maharashtra 100000 100000
Canara Bank 10000 25000
Catholic Syrian Bank 100000 100000
Central Bank of India 25000 50000
Bank Of India 10000 100000
City Union Bank 100000 100000
Federal Bank 100000 100000
Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank 25000 25000
Adarsh Co-op Bank Ltd 50000 50000
Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank 100000 100000
Airtel Payments Bank 1,00,000 1,00,000
Allahabad Bank 25000 100000
Allahabad UP Gramin Bank 20000 40000
Andhra Bank 100000 100000
Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank 25000 100000
Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank 10000 20000
Apna Sahakari Bank 100000 100000
Assam Gramin VIkash Bank 5000 25000
Bandhan Bank 100000 100000
Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank 25000 Not Set
Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Gramin Bank 25000 25000
Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank 25000 25000
Bassein Catholic Coop Bank 20000 40000
Bhilwara Urban Co-operative Bank LTD 25000 25000
Bihar Gramin Bank Merged with DBGB
Chaitanya Godavari Grameena Bank 25000 100000
Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank 25000 100000
Citibank Retail 100000 100000
Corporation Bank 50000 100000
DBS Digi Bank 100000 100000
DCB Bank 5000 5000
Dena Bank 100000 100000
Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd 100000 100000
Dombivali Nagrik Sahakari Bank 100000 100000
Equitas Small Finance Bank 25000 100000
ESAF Small Finance Bank 100000 100000
FINO Payments Bank 100000 100000
G P Parsik Bank 100000 100000
Himachal Pradesh Gramin Bank 50,000 50,000
HSBC 100000 100000
Hutatma Sahakari Bank Ltd 100000 No limit
India Post Payment Bank 25000 50000
Indian Bank 100000 100000
Indian Overseas Bank 10000 20000
IndusInd Bank 100000 100000
J&K Grameen Bank 20,000 20,000
Jalgaona Janata Sahkari Bank 100000 100000
Jammu & Kashmir Bank 20000 20000
Jana Small Finance Bank 10000 40000
Janta Sahakari Bank Pune 100000 100000
Jio Payments Bank 100000 100000
Karnataka Bank 100000 200000
Karnataka vikas Gramin Bank 25000 25000
Karur Vysaya Bank 100000 100000
Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank 100000 100000
Kaveri Grameena Bank 25000 25000
Kerala Gramin Bank 20000 20000
Kotak Mahindra Bank 100000 100000
Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank 10000 100000
Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank 25000 100000
Maharashtra Grameen Bank 25000 100000
Maharashtra State co opp Bank 5000 50000
Manipur Rural Bank 10000 10000
Maratha co opp Bank 100000 100000
Meghalaya Rural Bank 100000 100000
Mizoram Rural Bank 25000 100000
NKGSB Co-op. Bank Ltd. 20000 40000
Oriental Bank of Commerce 100000 100000
Paschim Banga Gramin Bank 5000 25000
Paytm Payments Bank 100000 100000
Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank 20000 20000
Prathama Bank 10000 50000
Punjab and Maharastra Co. bank 100000 100000
Punjab and Sind Bank 10000 10000
Punjab Gramin Bank 10000 25000
Punjab National Bank 25000 50000
Purvanchal Bank 25000 100000
Rajasthan Marudhara Gramin Bank 25000 25000
Rajkot Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd 100000 100000
Samruddhi Co-op bank ltd 100000 100000
Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank 50,000 1,00,000
Sarva UP Gramin Bank 50000 100000
Saurashtra Gramin Bank 20000 100000
Shree Kadi Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. 100000 100000
South Indian Bank 100000 100000
Standard Chartered 100000 100000
Suco Souharda Sahakari bank 100000 100000
Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd 100000 100000
Suvarnayug Sahakari Bank ltd 100000 100000
Syndicate Bank 10000 100000
Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank 20000 100000
Telangana Gramin Bank 25000 100000
Telangana State Co-Operative Apex Bank 10000 1,00,000
Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank 100000 100000
The Cosmos Co-Operative Bank LTD 10000 50000
The A.P. Mahesh Co-Operative Urban Bank 25000 25000
The Ahmedabad District Co-operative Bank Ltd 10000 25000
The Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-op Bank Ltd 100000 100000
The Andhra Pradesh state cooperative 10000 100000
The Baroda Central Co-operative Bank Ltd. 15000 100000
The Gujarat State Co-operative Bank Limited 50000 100000
The Hasti Co-operative Bank Ltd 100000 100000
The Kalyan Janta Sahkari Bank 100000 100000
The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited 100000 100000
The Mahanagar Co-Op. Bank Ltd 25000 50000
The Malad Sahakari Bank Ltd. 10000 50000
The Mehsana Urban Co-Operative Bank 100000 100000
The Municipal Co-op Bank Ltd. 5000 50000
The Muslim Co-Operative Bank Ltd 100000 100000
The Nainital Bank Ltd 20000 40000
The Ratnakar Bank Limited 25000 25000
The Saraswat Co-Operative Bank 100000 100000
The Surat Peoples Co Op. Bank Ltd 25000 100000
The Sutex Co-op Bank 100000 100000
The SVC Co-Operative Bank Ltd 10000 20000
The Thane Janta Sahakari Bank Ltd(TJSB) 100000 100000
The Udaipur Mahila Samridhi Urban Co-op Bank Ltd 100000 100000
The Udaipur Mahila Urban Co-op Bank Ltd 100000 100000
The Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd Dharangaon 20000 25000
The Varachha Co-op Bank Ltd. 20000 40000
The Vijay Cooperative Bank Ltd 20000 200000
The Vishweshwar Sahakari Bank Ltd 100000 100000
Tripura Gramin Bank 10000 10000
UCO Bank 100000 100000
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited 50000 100000
United Bank of India 25000 60000
Uttarakhand Gramin Bank 25000 100000
Vananchal Gramin Bank 20000 20000
Vasai Vikas Co-op Bank Ltd 100000 100000
Vijaya Bank 25000 50000
YES Bank 100000 100000

Google Pay Processing Error

Can you cancel the pending transaction in Google Pay?
This is a question that is asked frequently because Google Pay transactions are frequently completed yet still show the pending status.

If the status of the payment is shown to be “Pending” this indicates that you are unable to cancel the transaction or take any other action regarding it.

If the event that the payment has been ‘processing‘ for an extended period, the app will notify you that there is a transaction waiting on your account.

After payment has been marked as ‘pending‘ the changeover to the successful status can take anywhere from three to five business days on average.

The payment may be possible that the payment will show up as ‘failed‘ in certain circumstances.

How to check Pending Transactions in Google Pay?

The following is a list of the procedures that you need to take to view your pending transactions in Google Pay:

Step 1: Launch Google Pay on your mobile device and scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page.
Step 2: Select “Show transaction history” from the menu.
Google Pay show transaction history
This will produce a list of all of the past transactions that you have carried out.
Step 3: To check the status of a particular transaction, you can select it from the list by clicking on it.
Google Pay Transaction History
Step 4: If the status is still pending, you can file a dispute report by selecting the option to do so under the “raise a dispute” title.
After you have filed a dispute, Google should get the matter fixed on their end within the next two weeks.

Google Pay: Number One UPI App in India

The practice of moving money from one person to another over the Internet is very common in India. Over the past few years, innovative functionalities and user interfaces have been added to digital wallets. The gap between Google Pay and its rivals is closing quickly.

Tez is Google’s entry into the world of e-wallets, and it comes at a time when the UPI payment business in India is expanding at a rapid rate. Google launched Tez to manage all transactions in India.

After some time, Google Tez was rebranded as Google Pay. It was released with impressive features, and its growth goals have caught the Indian payments industry completely off guard.
One of the electronic wallet and payment platforms now available is Google Pay.

Customers can use their Android smartphones to make purchases in-store, on websites that are compatible with Android, within smartphone applications, and via Google services such as the Google Play Store.
Through the use of their credit or debit cards, users can pay for things they purchase through Google Pay. It allows you to make purchases in physical stores as well as online.

Android devices equipped with Near-Field Communication (NFC) can take advantage of Google Pay’s compatibility with POS terminals.

When customers log in to their Gmail accounts using the Chrome browser, they can make use of it on websites that also provide the service.

Users of Google Pay can use the app to send and receive payments with one another instantly. To begin, the app is connected to your bank account, from which funds are deducted immediately whenever you send or purchase items. The application can be used on mobile devices running Android as well as iPhone.
You can clear any bill and recharge prepaid phones at any time. You can use Google Pay to pay almost any kind of bill. However, the application does have a few limitations, and one of those limitations is a transaction limit.

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Why can't I use Google Pay to send more than 5000 Indian rupees at once?

You may have upgraded to a new mobile phone, which is why Google Pay limits the amount of money you can send to a maximum of 5,000 rupees.
You are only allowed to transmit a maximum of Rs 5,000 if you have changed any of the following: your phone, mobile number, or UPI PIN. Having said that, the restriction is only applicable for the first twenty-four hours. You may have already hit the daily maximum transaction limit or the number of maximum transactions that are allowed per day for your bank, which is another reason why you are unable to transfer more than Rs. 5,000 using Google Pay.

You can send up to one lakh rupees using Google Pay in a single day.
In addition, the maximum number of times to send money using any UPI application in a single day is 10.

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