Axis Bank Account closure form PDF | How to fill Axis Bank Account closure form

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In this post, learn How to use the Axis bank account closure form and close the axis account. Axis account closure form can be downloaded from the Axis bank website.

It is the fourth largest private bank in India. Because Axis Bank has great customer service and a lot of other benefits, many businesses require their employees to have salary accounts there.

If you want to close your Axis Bank account, you can find the direct download link of the account closure form below, as well as the step-by-step procedure to close an Axis Bank account.

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 Close Axis Bank Account: Savings / Current Account?

In order to close any account, whether it be a savings account or a current account, you are required to submit a written request form to the respective bank, as well as the appropriate reason for closing the account.

The reason could be an issue with the facility, an issue with the services, an issue with the charges, an issue with shifting to another bank, or the difficulty in maintaining the minimum balance, etc.

You are required to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 5,000 (The minimum balance required for each savings account may be different, depending on the account you choose.) in order to maintain an Axis savings account, which, depending on your current financial situation, may be tough to accomplish.

Axis Bank assesses an extra fee for any balances that are not maintained below minimums, which can make things far more difficult for individuals in the middle class.

The account must always have at least the minimum amount in it in order to avoid incurring the cost for failing to maintain the required minimum balance.

 Axis Bank Account Closure Form and Procedure

If you want to close your Axis Bank account, you will need to take the following Account Closure Form to the branch that corresponds to your account and fill it out with all of your account information.

Additionally, you will be required to return to the bank any unused checks, your ATM card, and any other items that pertain to the specific account.

In addition, before you close an account, you are required to check to see if any standing instructions or automatic draw downs were authorized through that particular account.

The above procedure is the same for both the current account and the saving account.

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 Download Axis Bank Account Closure Form -

Download the Axis Bank Account Closure Form, please move to the axis bank website The account closure application forms are also available on their official website, you can download and take a printout fill and submit it with some documents required.

You can also download the account closure form from the link provided below.

Axis bank account closure forms will close your Current or Savings accounts. Axis bank is required to fill in the Axis bank account closure form and provide the duly filled documents to the branch office.

If you have made the decision to ultimately close your Axis bank account, then all you need to do is fill out the axis bank account closure form in the following manner:

  • First, you’ll need to download the Axis Bank account closure form from here.
  • Get a printout of the application,
  • Then begin filling it out starting at the very top.
  • Fill out the application with the date it was submitted and your complete account number in the spaces provided.

 How to fill Axis Bank Account Closure Form

Find below How to fill the Axis bank account Closure form.

axis bank account closure form

Step 1: Please use the column that has been provided to enter the application date, account number, account holder Name etc.

Step 2: If the cheque book is associated with your Axis account, enter the numbers for the from and to fields of the Pending Cheque leaf in the column that has been supplied.

Step 3: Enter the ATM or Debit Card Numbers that were issued to you for use with your account at Axis Bank.

Step 4: Then select the reason for the Closure of account.

how to fill axis bank account closure form

Step 5: Enter your Mobile Number

Step 6: After that, enter the specifics of the Standing Instruction, including what should be done with the standing instructions once the account has been closed.

Step 7: After that, you need to sign the Application form, and then enter the name of the account holder.

Following the completion of all of the required fields, you will need to provide the Axis bank representative with the account closure form, along with the passbook, cheque book (if applicable), ATM/Debit Card, and any other relevant documents, in order to complete the account closure procedure.

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 Things to ensure before closing Axis bank account:

Be careful to take out the whole amount of money that is available in your Axis bank account.

You can move money out of your axis bank account and deposit it in other banking firms by using a debit card, a UPI, NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS.

How Can Deactivate Your Axis Bank Account?

Download the Axis bank account closure form from the official website of Axis Bank.

  1. Remove the money you’re holding from the account. Afterward, download the Axis Account closure form. You may contact this branch or send them an email requesting account closure.
  2. After downloading the account closure form, fill out the information.
  3. Now, come into your bank branch as soon as possible with the original credit card/debit slip book/chèque book, aadhar card, etc.
  4. Then submit the form to the bank executive. You must also bring bank Passbook/Debit card and Cheque. Banks often will take back your Passbook for easy closure. The documents may also be saved in scanned format.

Note: It may take around 10 working days to complete the axis bank account closure procedure. Bank will send the information to your mobile as an SMS for verification.

 Demat Account

Demat meansdematerialized‘.

Demats are holdings of securities like stocks and bonds in the form of physical certificates. If you want to buy or sell a share or debenture, you must countersign the certificate and deliver it to your broker.

The broker will hand it over to the buyer, who will send it to the share registry to record the change of ownership. This process most of the time was long, difficult, insecure, and often subject to abuses such as forgery.

 How to Close Demat Account in Axis Bank.

Closing an Axis Bank Demat account is similar to closing any Axis Bank account online;

You need to download the Demat account closure form from Axis Bank’s official website and visit the nearest branch to close the account.

If there is any balance in your Axis Bank Demat account, you should clear that balance while closing your Axis Bank Demat account.

 How to Close Axis Bank Salary Account?

Axis Bank can transfer your salary into an ordinary bank savings account. If your salary is not credited to the bank for three months. Hence, the process of closing the Axis Bank Salary Account is the same as any normal account.

Please visit your nearest branch and ask your Relationship Manager to close the Axis Bank account. They may give you the axis bank account closure form. You can fill form and submit it with the required details.

 Negative Balance

If you don’t maintain a minimum balance on your account, they will charge you up to Rs 350 for not maintaining a minimum amount, and sometimes they will deduct the fine amount from your available balance without any notification.

If there is not enough money in your account, it will be considered to have a negative balance.

This problem mainly occurs with salary accounts. We don’t have to maintain a minimum balance in axis salary accounts but when we quit our jobs they convert zero balance accounts to normal savings accounts and charge minimum balance charges.

 How to close Axis Bank Account With a Negative Balance?

If you have a negative balance in your Axis Bank account, you can close the negative balance axis bank account by visiting the nearest branch.

Sometimes to close the axis bank account, the branch manager may ask you to pay the negative balance and they will proceed with the account closure only after receiving it.

 Axis Bank Asap Account

Axis Bank’s ASAP Account is a digital savings account. It offers all the benefits of regular savings account with no additional charges for basic account services.

How to Close Axis Bank Asap Account?

You can apply for an Axis Bank ASAP account online or by using the Axis Quick Access application.

However, in order to close it, you will need to go to the branch that is located closest to you and submit the Axis bank account closure form along with all of the necessary information.

Once the duly filled account closure form is received, they will process the request. You will get an update on your account closure request through SMS or Email.

 FAQs about Axis Bank account closure form and Account closure Procedure.

What are the charges for closing the Axis Bank account?

If you close your Axis Bank account within the first 14 days of opening it, there won’t be any fees assessed to your account. However, if you want to close your bank accounts that is between 14 days and one year old, they will charge you a minimum of 500 Indian Rupees for the account closure.

How to get Axis Bank Account Closure Form?

Download the Axis Bank closure form PDF from the Axis official website: or you can get the account closure form from the nearest axis bank branch.

How can I Close my Axis Bank account online?

There is no such way to close an axis bank account online. You cannot close any bank account online (except for some online banks). You can download the account closure form online but you need to visit the nearest bank branch to close the axis bank account.

Can I close my Axis Bank account using the app?

You can perform basic banking tasks like fund transfer, bill payments, open FDs and RDs, apply for credit cards and loans, and download statements, but you cannot close axis bank saving accounts.

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